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QUESTION: I recently purchased a used WW model SWSG1031HS4 washer/dryer stacking combo. The dryer has now gotten several burn marks on the inside of the drum about 4" or so in from the front edge. I removed the lower front panel and control board to see inside and there is a flame almost like a large yellow pilot light coming from just past the gas valve even when the unit is off. I know this shouldn't have a pilot light so I am assuming that a tiny amount of gas is leaking past the control valve and remaining lit after the unit turns off. This flame lines up exactly with the burn marks in the drum. Assuming I am correct does this mean the entire valve unit needs replacement or is it only the orifice or some other small control part on the main valve? The valve part number is 134169200.

ANSWER: Can you email me a picture so I can see where the flame is?

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with no flame
with no flame  
flame area
flame area  
QUESTION: Here is a picture. I took the unit apart today and cleaned everything and put it all back together but it is still doing the same thing. It also had a ton of black sooty ash built up in the tube between the lpg orifice and the igniter.

ANSWER: Before we get too far into this....What type of gas are you using and what type of gas did the previous owner us.  I think you are using propane and the other owner may have been using natural.  It is possible the fuels are reversed.  The valve is working simply since it comes on.  They do have conversion kits to adapt to the fuel you are using.  WHAT type of Fuel are you using?  Eric

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QUESTION: I'm using propane. The unit was manufactured for propane. I don't think the previous owner would have used natural gas but I'm not 100% certain. I live in the Dominican republic and natural gas is not readily available here. It appears from the burn marks in the drum that he was having the same problem. The valve turns on and off but is still allowing a tiny bit of gas through when it closes. I can turn off the propane bottle and the flame will go out in about 30 seconds. If I turn the gas back on and hold a match in front of the valve it will relight this flame. It appears that whatever mechanism closes the valve isn't closing it completely.

So this burns after the safety valve has cycled off?  I was under the impression when the flame is on, it spreads and comes out the front.  That symptom was very difficult to understand.  Now it makes sense.  Your safety valve is defective.  Part number is 134169200 for the safety valve.  Good Luck, Eric

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