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QUESTION: I have a Fridgidaire Gallery dryer, I think its about 14 years old or so.  The model # is FSEC748GFS0.

The thermal limiter blew a couple of months ago, I replaced it, cleaned the lint on the inside of the machine while I had it apart.  All was fine then one load, the clothes didn't dry.  I took off the vent pipe and turned on the machine, I was getting lots of air but no heat yet the back panel of the machine where the heat element is mounted got very hot to the touch, doesn't make sense, I know.

I have run some visual tests.  With the machine empty, I run it with the setting at regular heat, and it operates normally, I can see the element cycle on and off.  It does the same at each setting except air fluff, the element does not come on, which is normal.  With wet clothes in the machine, the heat element comes on and stays on, no matter what temp setting I choose, except for air fluff, the element remains off.  I am assuming the Control thermostat (operating thermostat) is faulty, some how not operation properly with moist warm air.  I also think the time when I found my clothes still wet in the dryer, the high limit thermostat had been tripped so no hot air was being produced.

Do you think the control thermostat is the probable cause of this; can there be an insensitivity to moist air?  Thanks.


ANSWER: When you have wet clothing in dryer, hot air passed through the wet clothing and cools.  Initially, the heating element stays on for a while and continues to heat until a lot of the moisture is removed allowing the heated air in the dryer to finally reach the operating thermostat located on the blower housing.  This is normal.  IF you wait long enough, you will see the heating element cycle off.  Check this with a thermometer put in the exhaust vent and you will see it slowly gradually get hotter and hotter until it cycles off.  If I can help further, I am here....

Waiting to hear from you,
Eric and Ann Campion

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QUESTION: Thanks for your quick reply Eric.  I will be more patient and wait for the element to switch off.

I assume then, it is normal for the back panel of the dryer to get very hot.  The fact that the one time I had a load of clothes not dry would have been the result of the high limit thermostat tripping (perhaps due to a lint blockage)?  Does it take some time for this thermostat to reset?  I know that the thermal limiter does not reset, if tripped, it must be replaced.

Thanks again.

ANSWER: The heat element is in the back of the drum, so the back of the dryer will get hot.  So from what I read, there is no problem now that you know what should and should not be happening..   If this is not correct respond.  Thank you

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QUESTION: I think I'm ok with what you have stated.  I just was ensuring everything was safe.  I knew zero about dryers before I started having problems so my knowledge has come from searching the web.  I am trying to understand what triggered each event ie the thermal limiter blowing, then the clothes not drying and no hot air from the vent.  My assumptions are that I must have had a lint block to blow the thermal limiter and then again that must've triggered the high limit thermostat but I never found the block to be honest.  Am I correct in assuming the high limit thermostat, when tripped, cuts off the current to the heat element and then will reset after it has cooled?

Finding a blockage in a dryer large enough to cause a problem is rare.  I have seen bad units...Sometime those thermals are weak and just blow.  I would continue to run it and keep an eye on it.  Major keys here is to monitor temperatures.  Operating temps should never go above 190 degrees f.  Most thermals are designed above 225 degrees.  If I can help further....   Eric

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