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QUESTION: Hi- I have a GE CAFE OVEN, that is only about 18 months old. It is a gas range. The  burner and oven work great, however, we tried to use the broiler for the first time the past 2 nights. It REEKS of gas something terrible when you turn it on. Any ideas at all what could be the problem? As I said, the stove and regular oven parts are working fine. The broiler just emits a terrible gassy smell. It does light and it does get hot- I see the flame but the has smell is unbearable. Any ideas? Only 18 months old! Please HELP!

ANSWER: None at all...however I would not use it and have it checked for safety reasons.  That is not normal and I would not venture to guess on a gas leak without being there to check it myself.  Got a model number when responding?

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QUESTION: The model number is CGS985SET1SS.
As I said, the burner on the stove and the actual oven is fine. It is the broiler doing this but as you suggested we will not use it at all until it is looked at. If you have any further thoughts, please let me know.

ANSWER: Thanks for the model number.....almost like the gas range I have in my home except ours is a Frigidaire.  Bottom line is I did not mean you should not use the entire stove.   Simply the broil or self cleaning feature until you get it looked at.  You do not smell gas when using the bake or top burner features....  I am suspecting a leak in a fitting in the broil section.  Odd of course but anything can happen.  If it were new I would be thinking the burn off....18 months old...that smell is long gone.  Having used this unit for 18 never used the broil before?  Or did and only now smelling it.  Does the flame look even when on?  Is there any flare-ups at all.....   Eric

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QUESTION: Eric- Thanks for your reply. I thought you had meant that I should not use the whole stove.I do not smell gas with any of the other stove features. And I had NEVER used the broiler feature before and the unit is so new! The flame does look on. It looks blue. I dont see any flare ups. What a pain, though!

Listening to you.....I think I would open up the kitchen door, place a fan toward the door and run the broiler for about 1/2 hour.  Let all the protective oils and sealers burn off for about 1/2 hour.  Next....close up shop and wait until it cools down and then try it again broiling something....You do know you leave the oven door cracked (opened to the first stop) when broiling foods...  Do this before you call someone in and find out they are going to do this also.

Let me know if this took care of the problem.  

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