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QUESTION: Just talked to you the other day about cleaning a part on my washer.  Just decided it was time to get a new one.  Ordered a set from Sears, and the washer seems to be OK, however I have a issue with the dryer.  As you look into the dryer, on the inside, on the back, and right side, there is a black rectangular item with two silver bars across it.  Sears sent out a repairmen and he said there is nothing that can be done about it. He told me these are sensors. My problem is towels are getting caught in the bars and pulling the threads out of them.  He tried several while he was here and found nothing-sorta of just laughed it off.  He wasn't gone two minutes when my wife tried it and on two occasions the threads caught.   Any ideas about that. Needless to say it is very upsetting ..  Your help and input is very mush appreciated. Richard

ANSWER: If you rub your finger across the bars, there should not be any burrs to catch anything...   Most dryers have these two sensing bars on them.  If you need further help, I will need the model number please.  


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QUESTION: It is a Kenmore, Model Number 110-61202013,  Ser # M31202806.

It looks like one of the strips is sharp along the side and may be sticking out a fraction,  enough to catch the threads on a towel once in a while.  Once again, Thanks,  Richard

Well....I am sure you do not want to pay for the part and install it yourself so I suggest calling sears and telling them to bring a sensor kit, part number 279366 to install in your unit as there is a burr on one of the strips...  If I can help further, I am here.   Eric  

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