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QUESTION: My dishwasher has "locked" light on,  was blinking when we first noticed it.  Have tried the 4 second hold of the no heat key and also the power off for several minutes to eliminate the "locked" condition. Won't unlock the controls.  Is  there any way to identify whether the problem is in the console (key pad) -OR- the circuit board? Thanks.  Kenmore  665.16819990

ANSWER: cut the power for several hours to allow the capacitors on the erc to drain.   Do you have your manual, sometimes there is a combo key solution for a child lock out. Is the latch working easily, possibly a micro switch has a burned contact.     Let me know.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Owners manual only says to hold the no heat button for 4 seconds, no other instructions.  I shut the  circuit breaker off overnight, re-installed the circuit board and inside panel, turned on the circuit breaker and the light was not blinking.  Thought that did the trick.  When I came back in the kitchen about 30 minutes later (hadn't been run), it was blinking again.  If you hold the cancel button down, then both the cancel button and the locked light blink.  If you open the door, both lights stop blinking.  Close the door and the locked light is blinking again.  The latch handle works freely.  Any other thoughts?  Thank you.

Take a hair dryer and run it over and over again for about 5 minutes across the touch pad in the front.  If the keypad is stuck, normally you will not be able to push any other buttons and get a response.  Do you?  If the touchpad is responding, I would replace the electronic control.  Nothig else there....

Good Luck, Eric

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