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When you said "Not try to wiggle the basket," did you mean now instead of not? The basket does shift from side to side (with some effort) a little, but I don't think it does any more than before. It does not move up and down, though.

Question:  QUESTION: Hello,

Our washer makes noise almost immediately after going into the spin cycle. This is probably my fault. The washer drain had been previously clogged, so I ran an empty load. The washer went into the the first spin/drain cycle, and once I saw the water backing up from the drain, I stopped the washer, either by the control knob or by opening the lid (I can't remember which). It made a loud noise exactly like I'm hearing now, althought it seemed like it went ahead and finished spinning/draining without any noise.

Here is a few seconds of what it sounds like:


ANSWER: Does the unit fill and agitate?  Does it drain and then spin?  Your Sound file shows and error connecting that you supplied.  Got a brand and model number of your unit?

Waiting to hear from you,
Eric and Ann Campion

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QUESTION: Sorry, here is the correct link:

The washer fills and agitates, but once it gets to the spin cycle, it makes the noise. It seems like it MIGHT be spinning and making the noise, instead of making a noise and not spinning at all.

The washer is draining, and I believe that this particular washer is supposed to spin and drain at the same time, with every spin cycle, right from the beginning.

The washer is a Maytag, model MTW5720TQ0.

ANSWER: Thanks of for the model number.  That particular washing machine is a very good unit and was manufactured by Whirlpool and the Maytag name was put on it.  I heard your sound file which was very short.  It is very difficult to tell what is going on by that.  I am very familiar with that unit but that sound could be one of a few things.  I would take a look at the clutch assembly or the spin tube.  I feel the noise is coming from here.  That washer has a neutral drain transmission and shifts when the motor stops and pauses for a moment.  I would think the coupler but the unit would not agitate either.  TIme to tear into the washer.  It's a very good unit and worth repair.  Let em know if I can help further....      Eric

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QUESTION: Thanks for the reply. I have been asking around for a price on repairs, but my mother, who the washer actually belongs to, seems to think it would be easier to just buy a new one.

How hard would this be to fix? I would consider myself somewhat mechanically inclined, but I don't have any experience in taking apart and repairing washers.

I ran the spin cycle, despite the noise, to drain the washer of the remaining water in the tub and noticed a few things. The tub definetely is still spinning despite the noise, and the noise goes away toward the end of the cycle despite the tub still spinning. Note: I took out the clothes before doing this, so the only weight in the tub was the water.

Answer:  Good Morning KC....
        It is difficult to tell how easy this fix is as we still have not figured out what the main problem is.  Reach inside the tub and grab the top of the inner basket.  Not try to wiggle the basket.  If connects to the centerpost in which the transmission shaft protrudes through.  If you think it is loose, remove the agitator and take a closer look.  Let us know what you find.  Eric
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Yes...that was a typo....  Thanks...  I was simply trying to determine if the inner tub is loose.  There is a hub nut under the agitator that sometimes loosens up and the inner basket will slip on the spin tube instead of spinning fast.  Remove the agitator and check the top area for a little bit of metal shavings.  An easy fix if no too bad.  Let me know what you find.  Eric

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