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That's too bad because changing the drive block looked like one of the easier repairs. The second sound link I sent was of the whole thing (before and after), and it kind of sounds like a machine gun at first, or at least a rapid knocking sound. What do I need to do to check the clutch and brake assembly for model MTW5720TQ0?



ANSWER: That looks  intact....  A little grease is okay.  I think we need to take a close look at the clutch.  The next process requires removing the transmission to check the clutch and brake assembly.  You up for that?


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I would probably be up for that. Do you think it could be the drive block? When all this first happened, I found a comment someone made on a website, but at the time, I still wasn't sure I would try to fix it. I'm going to upload the sound again, but this time I will record before and after it happens. While recording this, I noticed that the tub freely spins around after opening the lid and stopping the spin cycle. Wasn't sure if it was supposed to do that or stop pretty quickly.

Here's the audio:

I also found a video of someone taking quite a bit of a washer apart, but he required some kind of spanner wrench for what he was doing. It should be helpful whatever the problem is:

Here's the article I mentioned earlier; it really doesn't say much that I haven't already said:

Answer:  When you sent me the last picture, it was of the drive block and it appeared to be okay from the picture.  A little grease but otherwise OK.  A spanned wrench is good when pulling the tub but can be removed without it.  A punch tapping on one of the four slots to loosen the nut up then a pair of channel locks.  Yours sounds like a machine gun while in spin?

ANSWER: If that sounds is not the drive basket block, then I would be looking at the transmission itself.  It really sounds like a drive block slipping. Bottom line is you must tear into this to be sure.  Let me know how you wish to proceed.


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QUESTION: With the MTW5720TQ0 model, how is the cabinet removed?

From two of the Youtube videos I've seen, removing the cabinet seems to be in this order:
1. Loosen screws to control panel, then lift it up and roll it back.
2. Disconnect lid switch
3. Remove two metal clips from each side that hold the cabinet.
4. Open lid and roll cabinet forward and off.

In one video, after step 3, the guy removed what he called the vacuum break and a hose. In the other, the guy left it on.


You need to look at your model number when getting information on the internet.  All units are a little different.  On your particular unit, you will not have to remove any hoses.....  Give it a try and get into your unit.  It has been a while since your machine has been down.  '


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