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The victim
The victim  

My oven recently blew it's thermal cutoff fuse. I called the appliance repair man and he quickly located the blown fuse. He then tried to order a replacement fuse and was told by his office that they were no longer made.
Me: Huh? What are the implications of that?
Him: You're gonna buy yourself a new oven.

After we talked a bit and he explained what the fuse did, he eventually hard-wired my oven so that it is functional and said these things:
1. He didn't do hard-wire the oven, someone else did.
2. Don't run the self-clean cycle, absolutely not before repairing the fuse and more generally, ever.
3. Absolutely replace this fuse ASAP. The risk of someone (we have kids) starting the self-clean cycle and burning the house down is small but clearly devastating.

Oven Model: Amana ACF4265AS
Part Number: Y0316699

All my googling has come up with nothing but "out of stock"

I'm reasonably competent at electronics and am comfortable reconnecting the fuse but am not so competent that I can find a suitable replacement.

Do you know where I can find this part or one of the same characteristics?


ANSWER: I am still checking for an alternative to this thermal.  There must be something we can do.  Hang in for a few more days please....     Eric

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Did you have any ideas of how else this can be fixed? I'd really prefer to have this safety feature operable and also of course don't want to buy a new oven!
Thanks for your help,

ANSWER: That is a 235 degree thermal cut off that is none re-settable.  It opens when tripped and never closes again .  A little trick I learned oven the years I am going to pass on to you....  With the thermostat in hand, on the edge of it where a screw would go through the hole, put a pair of channel locks on this edge holding only the thin piece of metal.  Now, crack the edge of the channel lock on a flat concrete surface hard.  be careful not to allow the thermostat to hit the concrete.  Inside the thermostat is a bi-metal....much like those metal crickets you use to depress and they would bent a picture of metal, make a noise and pop back into place.  Inside the thermostat is the same thing.  By hitting it on the concrete, you are popping it back in place.  Try this and see if it works.  

Waiting to hear from you,
Eric and Ann Campion

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks Eric - I will take a look at this technique and get back to you.

Is it not possible to replace this 235 degree fuse with a slightly different fuse? Either a 235 degree fuse that is not identical (different brand?) or perhaps a fuse with a cutoff somewhere between 210-250 degrees. It's hard to imagine that 235 is such a magic number that a nearby temperature won't work as well.


It is possible to use one from another unit manufactured.  Problem there is you are on a while goose chase.  There are literally 10's of thousands of ranges out there and most do not have those in them.  To sit and go model number by model number and search each one is very time consuming.  No one getting paid by the hour can afford to do this type of research and make only a few dollars on the part, if found.  Been doing this 37 years and have about a half million parts in stock, all inventoried by part number and not value, size dimension.  Simply under range category.  That will list 1000's.  I hope this help you understand a little better.  Try what I said.  Let me know...    Eric

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