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Hi Eric,

I own a Maytag gas range (independent stove and oven unit), model number MGR4452BDW and serial number 15042699LL, that I purchased from Sears in January 2007.  It replaced a built-in electric cooktop in my then-newly purchased house and, as a result, had pretty sizable (about 2") gaps to its left and right when installed.  I used to have a LOT of problems with items falling in between the gaps, particularly the one to the right, but was delighted when planning out a kitchen remodel which has just concluded that the plans included a reduction in gap size to nearly nothing.  One of the things they ended up needing to do was to push the gas range off to the right so they could build a new cabinet and countertop space to the left of the range (which was a single cabinet unit that once housed an old-fashioned built-in electric oven but which became where I stored my microwave and other things until the kitchen remodel) to maximize storage and cooking space.  My problem is this:  Ever since they moved the range, my oven temperature has been way off from the actual temperature it reaches.  I estimate the temperature the oven displays is a good 35 - 40 degrees cooler than the actual oven temperature, which is making using the oven nigh on impossible.  For example, when that part of the remodeling project was over but I still had no sink I still relied on TV dinners, and stuck one in to heat up.  I'd adjusted the oven temperature the way I normally would, allowing for the heretofore usual temperature difference of five degrees between oven temperature and what was displayed, then turned on the kitchen timer.  45 minutes later, which is five minutes longer than the package directions stated, I took the food out only to find that the food was still cold.  So I had to put it back in, adjust the temperature to some 30 or so degrees warmer, and wait an additional 20 minutes to get what was a serviceably warm dinner (I ended up still having to stick it in the microwave for another minute because it was probably going to take another 15 minutes to get the dinners hot enough in the oven and I just didn't have the time).  I need your expertise and assistance, therefore, to help me figure out what's going on with my oven to make it not work like it's supposed to.  (BTW, the stove part of the range works perfectly -- the pilot light flickers on promptly and the flames are as big or little as I want them to be.)  I would really appreciate your help, esp if I'm going to want to actually use my kitchen for the big food projects I'm dying to undertake now that I have the countertop space for it (e.g. making homemade pies or baking my own yeast rolls).



Not sure how mechanical you are but since the top works fine, I am 90% eliminating a kinked gas line from the move a few inches or feet....  I think the problem is simply coincidental and the oven ignitor is beginning to fail.  Your ignitor should draw 3.2 to 3.6 amps after being on for 75 seconds.  Do you have an amp meter to test this?  Part number is 74007498 and your cost is 59.95 + 9.95 shipping if interested in replacing it through us.....  Help those who help you.

Waiting to hear from you,
Eric and Ann Campion

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