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QUESTION: GE washer model no. WHRE555OH1WW.  Serial no. ZR131230G .  

Machine will only take in water from hot valve. Have checked filter on cold intake....clean.   Just installed new shutoff valves at sink....flow is perfect...pressure is normal.  Have run resistance test on both intake solenoids....both read appx 1000 ohms.  Strange situation - even when machine is set on Cold Wash/Cold Rinse, only HOT water is taken into cold water at all.  Same happens with Warm Wash/Cold Rinse.   Appreciate any help. Many thanks.

ANSWER: That could be a thermistor issue.  Gain access to he control panel and then you will see two little wires going to the water fill valve  thermistor located on the output side of the valve.  With unit off, measure the resistance value of this thermistor and then let  me know what this is.  I will instruct further.,  

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QUESTION: Hi - Followed your instructions....the only wires on the output side of the inlet valve assembly are a bundle of four thin wires, and they end in a connector that slips over four pins on the output side of the thermistor.  I easily pulled this connector off, exposing the 4 pins.  Should I check resistance across 2 of those pins, and if so, how do I determine which?  The colors are: red, pink, black, and grey.  I can easily identify which pins connect to which colors.

We also have 3 photos of the assembly, but we can only send those from my wife's iPad if we have an email address....don't know if you can do that.  

ANSWER: Reverse the hoses and see if you get cold all the time?   If so, I think the trouble is in the water selector portion of the board.   And also, you are hundred percent sure that when you want cold water, you will get cold water out of the faucet.  Disconnect the cold water hose first and see if you are getting cold water into a bucket, if so proceed with the reversal of hoses and let me know

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QUESTION: Well - embarrassing moment!  Reassembled everything, and switched hoses at faucets....they were reversed.  Everything is fine now.  Explains why problem coincided with installation of two new faucets....absentmindedly switched 'em.  Well - all's well that ends well.  Thanks a million for all your help.  Was actually looking forward to ordering parts from you.

One question for future reference - are your parts prices closer to wholesale than retail?

Thanks again!

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