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For a few hours, I thought I'd fixed my Frigidaire FSE747GES1 dryer (which had been blowing thermal fuses):

1. I managed to access the wall vent (by flipping the blower fan housing, blower fan and motor away from the opening of the exhaust pipe that connects the blower fan housing to the back of the dryer) so I was able to clean the lint out of the wall vent. (The flexible foil duct between wall and dryer was clear, and so were the ducts inside the dryer).  After I cleaned the lint from the wall vent, I could see where the vent curves upward toward the roof of the condo building, and the building engineer assured me lint would not collect in the vertical portions of the vent pipe.
2. I replaced the cycling thermostat (in case it wasn't opening at a low enough temperature).  
3. Then I tested the dryer for 20 minutes set to high heat.  An oven thermometer on top of the dryer showed the temperature rising and dropping cyclically (indicating the cycling thermostat was probably doing something right) and most of the top was warm, not too hot to keep my hand on.

But then the thermal fuse blew 10 minutes into the first load (not a full load) which was set on low heat.  The top of the dryer was very hot to the touch... much hotter than when I'd felt it during the test on high heat.

Why would a dryer work okay for 20 minutes on high heat in the morning and then overheat after 10 minutes on low heat the same afternoon?  Only two differences come to mind:
1. Perhaps the low heat setting has an issue that causes the heating coil to stay energized, causing overheating.
2. The moisture in the load of clothing might have some negative effect that causes overheating (but I don't know what that effect might be).

What might have caused the thermal fuse to blow again?

By the way, I examined the wiring diagram image that I attached to the previous message thread a few days ago.  AllExperts reduced its resolution to 640x518, making it useless.  I could upload the image to Flickr, which doesn't reduce resolution, if you think the wiring diagram would be helpful.

Thanks again for your assistance,

What was the part number on the bag of the high limit thermostat you purchased.  Keep in mind.....We do sell parts and are only in PA.  Help those that help you.....  Perhaps the place you purchased your parts have better ideas than I do....


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