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QUESTION: I own a Speed Queen Commercial Heavy Duty Dryer
Model no. AE5213W
120/240 v  60 Hertz 24 amps
5400 watts   3 wire circuit

The dryer heats up, and it runs for a minute or so before tripping the breaker. There is a strange smell but I attributed that to dust since it hadn't been used in at least 6 months. My father told me it is probably the heat sensor but I wanted to get a more expert opinion.

Any idea what is wrong?

ANSWER: Is there any strange sounds coming form the motor when the unit starts?  A kind of struggling sounds.....  For a dryer to run for a little while....even a minute and then trip the breaker throws flags....  Been doing this a long time and I would be looking at a bad connection where the cord attaches tot he dryer or in the receptacle where you plug the dryer in to.  Next, the circuit breaker itself.  They do go weak over time and trip easily.  Kinda doubt the dryer has an issue.  You say it has not been used for about 6 months?  Why.  Did you have another dryer in its place?  

Waiting to hear from you,
Eric and Ann Campion

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---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: No, there are no weird noises. The washer/dryer were left in the condo I just moved into. It does get REALLY warm and has a strange smell, almost like burning. I'm not sure how long the dyer was not in use, but it was at least 6 months.

ANSWER: I requested you check a few things...Once you have checked these, let me know what you find.  Nothing is cut and dried in the appliance industry.  I am not there and you have to be my eyes and ears.  I need to work on a flow chart so to speak....when helping diagnosing from afar.  Please answer my questions and then we can proceed further....     Eric

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Connections are solid, no visible damage to cord or plug. I don't know how to check individual circuits, but I have not had any other issues with with tripped circuits in the rest of the condo.

On a side note, I have tried to find out when this model was manufactured but the "Made In:" box on the tag of the machine is blank, and have not been able to locate that information online. Do you have an idea?

Other circuits have no bearing on this issue.  You have one 220 volt circuit on the dryer.  When working on dryers, I have one method.  First of all you need a voltage meter and you need to follow my instructions...step by step.  I am not there and If I were, the very first thing I would check is voltage going to the dryer.  If proper voltage, I would test L1 to Ground and then L2 to ground.  I should not get any readings.  Next, when the unit fires up, is there a struggling sound coming from the motor when starting.  Next, I would disable the heating circuit and start the unit and see if the unit runs longer.  If  it does, I would investigate the heating circuit and if it does not, I would investigate the motor circuit.  can you do any of this for me?

Waiting to hear from you,
Eric and Ann Campion  

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