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whirlpool gate valve
whirlpool gate valve  
Greetings Eric,

Last season I successfully replaced my gas water heater after the tank had been slowly leaking.  I replaced it with a new 12 year whirlpool which is very nice, works well, and is efficient.  Love it.

Yesterday I drained/"flushed" the heater for the second time (the owners manual recommends every 6 mos).  I had planned that when I had it empty this time to install a new drain valve as many experts/plumbers recommend getting rid of the plastic gate valves that come with heaters these days (for longevity and faster draining).  So I bought a dielectric 3/4 nipple, a full port 3/4 ball valve, and then a 3/4 to Garden Hose adapter.

I'm trying to get the existing valve out -- there's a sleeve that buts up against the outer wall of the tank.  Pulling that back exposes some more of the original valve that is square and ripe to get a channel lock on.

When I started turning it left, even with all my might, I cannot get this plastic thing to budge.  Even to the point of the torque picking up budging the emptied water heater.

Do they ever epoxy these things in there or is it likely just tight?

Do you have any tips, tricks, pointers, advice?  Should I just leave the plastic one in there, avoid the risks of it breaking and then even being a larger problem?  Or should I bear down and crank on it?  I don't know if pb blaster would work on the plastic -- though it couldn't hurt probably.

Any advice is appreciated.  Thanks!


My apologies...should have answered this sooner....    Unfortunately I service major home appliances and am not that familiar with the hot water heaters and their downfalls....   appears you have one.  Please try one of the other AllExperts in the plumbing field for more professional advice.  Good Luck, Eric

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