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QUESTION: Good Morning, We have a Kenmore model 795.76202901 purchased in May of 2010.  The serial number is:  004MRUY41726.  Yesterday, I pulled the ice bin out to empty it of the block of cubes that had formed in the bottom and put the empty bin back in.  In the process, I accidentally turned the switch to off and didn't notice it until several hours later.  The switch has been turned on for over twelve hours now and no ice cubes have been made.  The freezer compartment was and remains quite cold (0 degrees) so the 24 hour initial start cycle wouldn't seem to apply.  Nothing has been done to the water feed line, etc.  The feeler arm appears to be in an "up" position (when compared to the picture on page 33 of the Use and Care Guide) but I'm not able to move it up or down or laterally.  Do you have any idea what's going on.  The ice maker worked just fine right up to my taking the bin out yesterday.  Thanks, John

ANSWER: Pull the bin and reinsert it firmly.  Making sure it locks into place.  Next make sure the ice maker arm is in the down position and then I want you to unplug the refrigerator for 10 minutes.  Not shutting it off!  Unplug it.  Plug it back in and then email me telling me the unit is working again.....(HOPEFULLY).....

Waiting to hear from you,
Eric and Ann Campion

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QUESTION: Good Morning, here's how it went.  As I said, my ice maker is a Type 2 which has a gear-operated feeler arm.  The bin doesn't lock in to anything, it simply sits under the maker in the wire sliding tray.  There is an on/off button on the front and (I used a mirror to find this) there is a test button on the bottom near the front of the maker.  I pushed and held the test button for a second or two and the maker began to drop the feeler arm as the ice tray began to rotate.  The full cycle had the arm drop several inches and the ice tray to completely invert.  Both then returned to their original positions.  As a test, I put my hand under the descending arm (as if it were blocked by ice cubes in the bin) which caused the tray rotation to stop, return to its original position, and the arm retreated.  It appears to work fine, it just doesn't fill with water so that's my next area to check.  There are no signs of a leak anywhere so, is there anyplace in particular that a water feed blockage would likely occur?  Thanks, John

Thanks for your reply.  I did further research and your unit was manufactured by LG and Kenmore put their name on it.  They have had problem with their ice makers.  Bottom line is if you can initiate a harvest cycle on the ice maker, go to the rear of the unit and find the water valve for the ice maker.  Remove the two wires going to this valve and insert your voltage meter probes in these terminals.  Now cycle the ice maker.  Watch your meter looking for 110 volts.  It will come toward the end of the havest cycle.  If it does, the ice maker is okay.  Next, remove the water line from the water inlet valve going to the fill tube of the ice maker.  Blow through it.  Is this restricted or can you blow right through it?  If you can blow right through it and have voltage, I would look into the water supply from the house to be sure your shut off valve is still allowing water to pass through or the valve itself.  

Let me know what you find.    Eric

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