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QUESTION: Hi! I own a 14 year old Maytag Neptune washer that is having trouble completing its entire cycle without displaying the Lr code. I recently had the barrings replaced so all the agitating, spin and drain cycles work fine. The problem seems to begin right before the final spin cycle at about 16 minutes left on the timer. At that point it is stuck in a what sounds like a drain mode, because I hear  a humming sound. After staying in that mode a while, eventually the Lr code appears and the washer shuts down. I can restart it and sometimes it will finish just fine and other times I have to use the spin mode button to complete the entire cycle. There are also times when I can wash a load with no problems at all. My son who is mechanically inclined tried looking at all the connections behind the control board, but found nothing unusual. I am not sure the washer is worth investing a major repair on considering its age. If we know what part to get, and it is affordable, I'm sure we could install it. Any ideas or suggestions? I value your expertise and thank you for sharing your  talents so generously.

ANSWER: That code is a locked rotor on your motor.  I would remove plug going from the motor speed control to the motor and from the machine control board to the motor speed control and make sure there are very good connections before I made any decisions.  When replying, please include the complete model number and serial number of your unit.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving.....   

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QUESTION: Hi Eric, Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. My son checked all the connections and they seem good. I haven't try running it again, but I don't expect it will be any different. The connections have been checked once before with no change in the outcome. The model number is MAH5500BWQ and the serial number is 10792846ZB. Let me know where to go from here. Thanks! Barb

ANSWER: Replaced motor and motor speed control in a kit.  Part number is 12002039 costing around 200.00 for both matched items.  Good Luck, Eric

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QUESTION: Thank you Eric for your diagnosis. I probably will not invest the $200 in parts for my washer that is already 14 years old. I am a little bummed that this all happened after a new bearing was installed. For the short term I am limping along with it by restarting the washer when the Lr appears. It usually finishes the wash after that. Do you have a particular model or brand of washer that you would recommend for me as a replacement? It doesn't need to be fancy as long as it does a great job cleaning my clothes. Thank you so much again. Your service to this website is invaluable!

Keep in mind.....connections are critical with the front load machines as then spinn at 1200 + RPM's...  This does have a tendency to loosen connections.  If all is well and you are still having errors....Wiring harness cold be a problem.  Purchasing new.....Whirlpool is my only recommendation.  They have been the most consistant in the 36 years I have been in this industry servicing appliances.  Have a Happy Holiday Season, Eric  

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