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I recently moved into an apartment with a front load Miele small washer and dryer.  The tenant before me must have overloaded the machine with a fragrant detergent (or something).  I have skin allergies and react to fragrances.  If I leave the door open or open the door to the washer, I can smell the fragrance. I have run the machine a number of times with nothing in it, with white vinegar, and with Washer Magic.  While it has helped somewhat, I notice that when I run the washer with nothing (no soap or vinegar), some soap suds still appear.  I can't figure out where it's coming from.   The fragrance is still present but to a lesser degree than at the beginning - I need to get rid of it entirely.  The dryer may have a little bit of the fragrance too (or it may be that her soap is getting into my clothes - and then the dryer gives off some of the same odor from my clothing.)  I am now trying to leave a cup of vinegar in the washer when it's not in use - but if her soap keeps coming up each time that I run it - the cup of vinegar may not do much.  Any suggestions or input would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

First of all no soap should be in the machine if the previous renter had used the correct soap.....Any soap, as long as it has the insignia He (High efficiency on it) will work fine.  To get rid of all the soap in the unit right now, add about a half cup of salt.  Normally in dishwashers we also add about two or three tablespoons of vegetable oil.  Both kill suds.  Try this and when finished, run a normal empty load and let me know if this resolved your issue...

Thanks for your Request, Eric  

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