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Hello again,  I own a Kenmore fridge Model # 60187000, Serial # ED35270, Mfg date 8-00.  A year or so ago the cooling element area and the air output tube to the fridge section became totally ice impacted resulting in no cold air getting to the fridge area, etc.  I bought from you a defroster timer and (I believe it's called) a heating element unit which corrected the probelm for a time. Then, defrost water began running out of the cold air downspout (for the fridge section)so I just placed a container under it for the past many months. Recently, water began coming from the hole in the top of the fridge section to the left of the downspout tube.  I pulled the freezer interior panels off and observed that there was no ice build-up on the cooling tubes, walls, or floor of the freezer but there was about a quarter inch of ice under the aluminum strip on the floor at the back of the freezer (which, I believe, collects the water defrosted from the cooling tubes)and the drain hole was plugged with ice.  The main symptom from all of this (as the fridge and freezer are doing their jobs) is a nasty smell throughout the fridge and freezer areas; the same smell that the defrost water that I caught in the container has.  I melted and dried the ice and, as far as I could tell, the drain hole, and after cleaning the top and bottom areas replaced the panels.  1) The fridge still has the dirty smell, though not as bad. I'm guessing that there is a collection area for the defrost water that has standing water in it, and that there's a problem with the defrost timer.  Way back, before the original problem, I could hear the fridge 'crack' when, I believe, the defrost cycle was on, breaking the ice off the tubes.  I haven't heard that for a few years.  I appreciate any help you can provide and, of course, I'll buy the parts from you.    Walt

First of all to accurately help with your problem, I will need the first three digits before the numbers you submitted above in the model number.  I cannot see your unit without these first three digits.  At this point in time, when you removed the evaporator panel in the freezer section, were the evaporator coils relatively frost free?  If so, the defrost timer and other defrost components are good.  The cracking you hear is normal as when the heater gets hot, the sound you hear is the ice cracking and making the noise.  Most often you really never hear this much....The defrost drain pan....under the aluminum evaporator coils should not have ice built up in it.  Simply knowing you have an ice build up indicates to me your defrost system is actually working and you only have a drain issue.  Once you defrosted the pan and saw the hole where water goes into and then down a drain system to a pan underneath your unit, did you pour very HOT water into this hole.  If not, I would.  This will help rid yourself of the odor you are inquiring about.  Do this and also, put a open box of baking soda in the refrig and freezer and let things along for a few days.  Let me know if the odor goes away.

Waiting to hear from you,
Eric and Ann Campion

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