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QUESTION: Do you have any of the original service literature from GE for a TCF19DABW (I got a PDF of a low resolution wiring diagram from GE)?
Do you have a parts list (although most will be NLA)?

The defrost timer failed (based on the current performance) and I used a Supco "universal electronic".  Note that is as 1964 model.

If so, how much for a PDF copy of either?  I have no service literature going back that far. The sealed system seems to be fine; issues are control systems (original highly pre-electronic).

ANSWER: I have your model number on microfiche and your original part number for the defrost timer is WR9X225.  While I do not have that one, I do have a CC805 Gemline whic is a cross for the WR9X225 as pictured in new.  Coat is 29.95 + shipping.  One picture is the complete kit and it comes with a wiring diagram for your convenience.  I do not have a microfiche printer...sorry.  Should you choose to order the CC805, follow this link to our website where you can scroll down and fill out the secure order form to process your order.  If you have any problems, concerns or need further information, feel free to reply to this email or for Parts Order Only, call 570-622-6441.  Keep in mind ordering through us helps continue this free on-line help available for you and many others.  Help those that help you.  

Waiting to hear from you,
Eric & Ann Campion

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for the response -- we are at cross purposes.  Gemline today (Gemline
245 Newtown Road, Suite 400
Plainview, New York 11803)seems only to have laundry parts, making me guess that your parts are NOS; I removed a Gemline from the unit and crossed that to a Supco universal adjustable that the local (modern) appliance parts house had in stock -- the PDF I got from GE (archives) showed 12.5 min defrost every 8 hours.  I was hoping to get a parts list (not parts unless no current replacement exists) and, if possible, a service manual.  For example, looking at the refrigerator section, the refer (main) thermostat is behind a plastic shield that has refer section air flow and refer interior cabinet (incandescent) lamps.  My guess is that the plastic unsnaps (no visible screws), but experimenting can break a piece of plastic for which there would be no replacement. The freezer compartment thermostat has an easy mounting, but routing the sensing bulb does not look like a joy without literature.  Does any of your microfiche service literature (not just parts list) go back that far?

My customers do not keep older appliances because they are wealthy and want the "retro" look -- but because they cannot afford a $1000 plus new one and do not want to trust a used one.  New appliances -- electronic controls -- do not last as long in my observation.


A unit from 1966 is tough to do research on....  Been doing this 36 years now and am familar but I do not have any service literature on this older stuff.  The gemline I have is original GEMLINE when GE use to own GEMLINE....  The cross I suggested is a Genuine Original Gemline product.  Good Luck....If I can help further, let me know....   Eric Campion

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