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Hi there.  My dryer has stopped working.  The unit powers on fine.  It's just when you select a cycle and press the start button, the machine clicks two times, then simply does nothing.  The drum will not tumble.

I took the top off the unit, and discerned that the clicking was coming from the computer/circuit board.  So, I tried replacing that, but the new board simply clicked twice as well, and the drum would not tumble.  So it wasn't the circuit board.

Digging deeper, I peeled a few more layers off the dryer, and quickly discovered that the drive belt had snapped. It was simply laying at the bottom of the dryer.  So my question, does the dryer somehow "know" the belt has failed?  I would figure even if the belt failed, the motor would still turn.  Would that be a false assumption?  I'm puzzled by the situation.

I've read online that the thermal fuse might be the issue, but finding the the belt snapped has made me wonder if that is simply the issue at play.

Your take on this situation is greatly appreciated in advance. Please let me know if you needed any more details.

Kind regards,


Most newer dryers incorporate a belt switch and when the belt fails and breaks the unit will not run.  NOrmally when the motor runs, this closes a contact that says the drum is turning and allow heat to the heating element or gas valve.  So the unit sits ther working with heat and the tumbler is not tumbling.  Should have inquired first.....would have saved some time and effort.  Replace the blet and you will be fine....     Thanks for your request....    Eric

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