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I'm trying to disconnect my Kenmore gas dryer.  Read up on it, watched YouTube videos, etc.  I turned off the gas where the line from dryer goes into the wall.  Put detergent/water (1:1) on it and no leaks.  Then, tried to disconnect the line where it goes into dryer.  Well, it squeals and there is hissing.  So, immediately tightened it back up.  Have done this about 3 times this week and held it open about 5 seconds max each time. (I count "1,001, 1,002, etc").   Figure there is naturally gas in the line, but how do I know it's just that coming out and not a leak or something?  Maybe you could count in your head how many seconds I should allow it to hiss/squeal to get gas all out, and tell me?     Then, if it's still hissing/squealing, I'd reconnect and call expert.  

So grateful for your advice on this.  Thank you.


First of all you need to turn off the gas supply line.  I have never really seen any of these go bad.  Can you snap a picture of the connection and gas valve?  In this fashion, I can see what you are really needing help with.

Waiting to hear from you,

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