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My double ovens quit heating. A month ago it started with the broiler of top oven. Then, the bottom oven went out completely. Then the top one went out a few days ago. The clock, timer, convection fan, all running and lit up properly. I can still set a start oven , it just doesn't heat at all.

A local appliance company said they thought they knew the problem and are ordering parts but I could not speak to technician. They don't want to come to my house until the parts come in. He said he would have to pull the ovens totally out.

I guess my question is, do you have any idea wether this will be an expensive repair…..maybe it would be better to just buy new: they are 13 years old…..but still lovely. Do you think a tech could diagnose this properly with the details I gave you?

Any advice you can give I would appreciate, even favorite brand for double ovens.

model number pleb30t8ccb
serial number nf31409532

That a tough one...Since all did not go out at the same time I suspect at least two different problems.  I would say the top broiler element is shorted.  You have two relay control controls the top oven while the other controls the bottom oven.  The main clock assembly tells which control board to activate the selected features.  Both relay control boards are readily available as well as the main electronic clock/oven control with the display you see lit all the time.  Me personally....I would purchase all three electronic control boards as well as all four elements. This would insure availability when needed in the future. Cost of these would be considerable less than trying to find a double oven that would fit into the allocated space your current unit does.  Otherwise you would also have to hire a carpenter to modify the opening.  This would assure many more years of dependable baking in your double oven.  Run over to your local appliance retailer and you will see double ovens are not cheap.  As far as the company coming out to make the repairs...they either have too much money or simply have a close relationship with GOD.  I have been repairing almost 37 years and would come out, diagnose, quote and then order parts if needed.  Good Luck in your decisions.  If I can help further, I am here.  Eric Campion  

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