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QUESTION: Our water dispenser on our Whirlpool Gold Model #GSS26C4xxy00 has quit working.  It seems as though the pad or whatever is behind it is broken.  All information I find online says to remove the front panel and look at bracket and/or switch.  I cannot get the panel off as easily as they show online.  This panel sits flush with the door and appears it will break if I try too hard.  Is there a trick to getting this panel off?  Since this model has an electronic control panel, does that mean it will be more difficult for a do-it-yourselfer to work on?  All the models shown online do not have the control panel that has to be taken off.

Also, the icemaker quit working about 6 months ago.  One day it started working again and worked for about a month, then quit again.  Any ideas where to start in fixing it?

Thank you.

ANSWER: They are pretty touchy taking apart and I try to be very careful prying on plastic.  What is actually wrong with your dispenser that you must take it apart?  As far as the ice maker....Check to see if the fill tube is frozen shut.  Inactivity of the ice maker can cause the icemaker fill tube to freeze closed in the freexer portion.  When the umnit calls for water, the applied water cannot flow through the frozer fill tube.  Remove the line from the fill valve and then try to blow through it.  Let me know what you find....

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QUESTION: Thank you for your quick reply.  Our water dispenser just quit working this past weekend.  Our icemaker has not worked for several months.  I don't think the problem with the dispenser has anything to do with water flow.  Before it quit completely, it worked intermittently depending on where you hit on the pad.  Now it will dispense no water at all and the pad itself seems loose.  The display will not light up either.  Every thing I have read online points to the bracket behind the pad or a switch behind the pad.   I cannot get the front cover of the control panel off or the trim around it to see what is back there.  

My icemaker problem is a separate issue and I probably shouldn't have included it with this question.

Without actually being there and seeing it, it's difficulkt to help.  The look-up is very sketchy and I am afraid I'll tell you something and you end up breaking the fron fountain plastics.....Get on your knees with a bright flashlight and look underneath the lowest portion of the fountain assembly frame.  Do you see two little cutouts?  If so, stick a flatbladed screw driver in one of these cutouts and twist while you are pressing cownwrd on the plastic frame. Did it pop off?


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