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QUESTION: We have a freezer (around 40yr) that's been in use and working good since I was a little kid. Last year or to it has taken to building up frost more than normal but I tend to blame that on it being opened more often as kids getting stuff out of it.  A few days ago I got the call that things where thawing out --heavy stuff hard as rock but smaller stuff soft+ boxes wet and falling apart.after shuffling everything around and packing cooler I noticed that it was getting cold. Thinking that someone just didn't get the door shut tightly I shut it down cleaned it up restarted . Temp went to freezing shortly and between midnight and 5am got below zero. Let it sit though the next day still cold so I stared putting stuff back-- this is where I notice that holding the door open for short time-- no more than I would putting up food has it raining in there  which has never been a problem before. So now I'm at point where I not certain what should be the next move.  It rains quickly opening the door so ice build up will be a problem  but the thermometer nose dives quickly once it's shut so I don't see it as dying. We've had a lot of big expenses lately so I'm not eager to replace it but also don't want burn cash trying to fix something that's almost as old as I am. The box itself is in good shape and likely to stay that way longer than anything I would replace it with.  I'm puzzled buy the cold temps/fast melt down. is there something I should be trying to fix on this thing or is it starting some slow death Your thoughts on this would be helpful as we have a new one lined up but holding it in delivery limbo till figure out what to do about the old one.

ANSWER: Hello David, you did not supply a brand or model I cannot see if it is self defrost or not.  Is it the type with the coolant in the shelves... if so are all the shelves frosting.   did you take a good look at the fit of the door around the opening... sometimes washers in the hinge wear or the actual hinge bends and the door cannot shut tightly.   I am not understanding the term it rains....does actual water drip

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: No it is not a self defrost--drain tube with plug in the bottom .I dont see name plate on it and can't move to check the back.Yes it has tubes in most of the shelves,all shelves are frosting up much heavier on the ones with lines running through.Water is not dripping--it's pouring down just by holding the door open for a short time which it's never done in the past. Seals and door where the first thing I looked at since it's a weak point and would likely be the only thing I could fix on my own but they seem good--hear it grab the frame suction makes you pull to get the door open ect.Since the problem Monday it has held temps well below zero with me checking every 8--12hours until today . This morning it had moved up to 0 and this evening made its way to +10.          Thanks

We are missing something here.  If temps are at ZERO.....Not should be raining water.  If there is moisture entering the cavity, the warm air from the room it is in will cause condensation....   Run a hair dryer totally around the door gaskety and make sure it is closing properly.  Good LUck, Eric

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