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QUESTION: I have a whirlpool dryer model LG5801XMW1 serial M43116802. two problems appeared.

1. dryer does not heat up
2. makes noise like a car with a partially flat tire

for 1. I blew out dust and it seems to work now. is a part about to fail and needs to be replaced?
for 2. is there some wheel that is worn and needs to be replaced?

thank you in advance for your help

ANSWER: You probably need the roller... the part number is 349241, we offer them at our business     cost is $10.95 each... shipping in the USA is $6.95...if the noise is that of a thump thump like a sneaker in the drum.. this would be the solution.   Thank you and have a nice day.  Ann

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: thank you for your quick response.

1. how many rollers are needed (ie if the machine uses two I may as well replace both at the same time)

2.anything I have to do about problem 1 (dryer not heating up ...)?

I am sorry, I missed the heating part.   Yes you will need to check the heat element to see if the coil is actually broken.   there are also thermostats on the housing of the heating coil. they will need to be checked with a meter for continuity. I always tell people to start by making sure you have a full 220 volts at the terminal block where the cord attaches... 110 volt will run the motor but it needs the other 110 volts to heat....there are two rollers... inspect the center shaft... if it is still snug on the shaft, I would not replace it.   Your choice

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