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Hello Ann/Eric,
This is a followup to our previous messages (listed below).

I really want to give the business (sale of an oven element) to your company, but I need to move soon. I have renters starting Aug. 1 and need to get this resolved.

Could you PLEASE let me know if you can help us find the element we discussed previously? I can re-send the pictures if needed.

Sry to be a pain, but I'm up against the calendar.

If you can't help, just tell me so I can try to find another source.

Thanks so much
Joe Treese
+++++++++++++++++++prior correspondence follows+++++
Expert:   Eric Campion
Subject:   Oven door removal
Question:   QUESTION: Hello, we have a 1960-vintage Westinghouse oven, model OL-24-8. We need to remove the door to clean it. There are 2 screws (one near each hinge) on the door's inside. I removed both and attempted to slide the metal tab underneath, as the door has a channel that looks like the tabs should slide. I wasn't able to get the door off.

Also, what would be a suitable bake element for this oven?

Thank you!
Joe Treese

ANSWER: most times no screws needed, they go into the tilt position like for broiling and then lift up...can you take a picture of the element and get me measurements we have most of the ones needed for the OL but we have found over the years, the lookup can be wrong... thank you, Ann
If the door does not lift off, I will go to the micro fiche to get you further assistance

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks, I assume the images I attach below will reach you?

I will take picture of the element and also of the measurements.

The element plug-in sockets (in the oven) shows 240 volts AC on multimeter. the element varies between 7.5 - 12.5 on resistance test.

Here goes....
Image: measurements
Image: bake-element_1

ANSWER: Ok cool I will look at them tomorrow and match it up.. have a good night

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: hello,

was wondering what you've found on this bake element?

if you are unable to match for us, that's o.k., just want to close out if so

thanks so much for your help so far
Answer:   made some major changes in our business... cost a lot of time... promise to have your answer before I leave for the day.

I did answer this and we had the element...  damn auto systems... and now I cannot see the pictures... go direct to our site and email...   email the pictures to me at

but I did not print a copy so I need to see the element again... I apologize for this system failure

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