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We have an 18-year-old GE refrigerator, model# TPX24BIYA side-by-side. I monitor the fresh side with a digital thermometer, located inside with the food. In recent months, I can't get it to go below 46 degrees, and the "Fresh" thermostat control is set to max-cold. The temp stays between 47 and 50. Just this weekend I did a complete cleaning (...of everything I could reach) of the coils on the bottom, from the front. I pulled the unit out, but the rear is pretty much sealed -- and anyway, it looks like the coils are located from mid-point forward. After the cleaning, no change in performance. The freezer-side thermostat control is set to mid-point, and the freezer is fine at zero degrees. The unit does NOT run continuously, but cycles on & off like I believe it should. This makes me think that the basic system is running OK, but the fresh-side thermostat thinks that 47 degrees is the desired setting, so it runs only enough to keep the fresh section at 47 degrees.

So... (1) is my fresh-section thermostat the culprit, and if so, (2) is this an easy and inexpensive repair for a competent refrigerator repair guy, on an otherwise OK 18-year-old unit?

Thanks very much for your help,
Norm Weiler
Branchville, NJ

All the cold air is blown from the freezer into the fresh food section.  Max cold setting may actually be closing the vent more to allow more cold in the freezer... put the settings in their middle setting...Is there any ice on the back wall or floor of the freezer section?  Ann

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