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There was NO WAY, BUTTON or URL to CLICK to send my next reply to the follow up questions you asked..The only BUTTON was to THANK the expert and it said  "DONT ASK Questions here, it will never be answered,"
So here is my reply

Eric Campion

Kitchenaid Dishwasher buzzing MOD: KUDC20FVWH3

QUESTION: Wife reports that our 5 year old dishwasher has been emitting a loud BUZZING sound at various times in the cycles:  Setting on NORMAL wash with no other buttons pushed.  Will fill and start OK but a while later, the BUZZING starts.  There aren't and CYCLE lights on it like our old one so I can't say WHERE it is during the cycles:  it is but it happens more than once or twice during the NORMAL WASH of about an hour and a half.
This machine is only used about once a week for 7 months of the year so should be "worn out" yet.
Model:  KUDC20FVWH3
Serial # F00902050

ANSWER: Are you sure it is filling?   Are the dishes getting clean?  is it draining all the water?   How long does the buzzing last... let me know these answers so we can try to figure it out.. Thanks, Ann

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: yes, its filling and washing fine and
the water is all drained at the end.
The BUZZING happens maybe twice during the cycle for only about a minute or so. Sometimes its louder than others. The HEAT OPTION is turned off (temporarily in case that was a cause) so all I can GUESS at is something to do with the WATER either flowing in or being PUMPED out at various times in the CYCLES.

ANSWER: can you identify it the buzzing is coming from the control panel or down in the access motor area

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Will check and advise

you can remove that bottom access panel while running it to get a better handle on the noise

Ok, I FOUND a technicians check sheet behind the kick panel and looked at the TIME/CYCLES as indicated there for NORMAL WASH.
Started a NORMAL WASH:  Fill/wash/detergent/wash/  then, "THERMAL HOLD"  At about that time the BUZZING started and lasted about 20 sec.  
Then the next wash cycle started and it did wash/drain/fill/wash drain Fill/heated wash and so on with no problems.  It washed and drained without noises until near the end in a 9:30 wash cycle, it was still washing about 1 hour into the 1HR 3Min wash when the BUZZING started was loud but ****I couldn't tell whether it was coming from the DOOR or underneath*** It was coming out of everywhere: door, vent and underneath..Sorry.

Final BUZZING in that last 10-11 minute wash cycle:  3 times for about 20-30 sec every two minutes like 11:11  then 11:13 and 11:15
The machine ran longer than the TECH sheet said and filled/washed and drained several times just fine..HOT CLEAN DISHES at the end but  THAT BUZZ!

Not sure what is going on as I cannot identify the buzz.  You will have to do that for us.  With the bottom cover the unit and when the buzzing starts....Identify which component is buzzing....PLEASE...  Bottom or top....  Help us help you....    Eric

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