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QUESTION: I've a KitchenAid Superba fridge (mod KTRS25KDWH01, SN EF4512150) purchased new probably ~ 1998.  It recently has started collecting water in the depression under the crisper drawers. Not a huge flow; I pull a drawer and sponge it out every couple days, else it might start overflowing after a week, I guess. Most likely source is the fridge ceiling/freezer floor, but it's pretty sneaky about it (so the subject line is a little misleading). I only occasionally see a drip of water suspended from the ceiling, and there's a short stalactite hanging underneath the circulation fan casing, but I never see rivulets running down.

What might be the culprit? Is there something I can do to fix it? I hope it's not nearing the end of its life expectancy; it has served us well, and performs much better than the new Frigidaire we bought this year for additional storage. (They don't make 'em like they used to!)


ANSWER: Unfortunately nothing is made well anymore... It sounds like the drain is blocked that carries the defrost water down to the pan underneath the unit.   When you remove the inside rear panel of the freezer, it will expose the cooling coils and below them is a trough with a hole in the center, that is the beginning of the drain line.  water must be able to enter there and then end up under the machine in the pan.  

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QUESTION: Makes sense---hope the panel is easy to get to/remove.

If there's crud blocking the opening, I can pull it out, but if it's iced over, is there a trick to clearing the opening without damaging anything?

defrost the ice using a blow dryer, heat guns will melt the plastic.  using a turkey baster you can put hot water down the drain hole to help clear it.   A nasty block may require something like fish tank air lines to use as a snake and you can also blow through them to help push the yuck out.

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