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My wife manually defrosted our old Montgomery Ward Signature Upright Freezer out in the garage. After starting back up there was some smoke and sizzling noise behind the lower door hinge area. After looking through the back I notice a connector in that are with a white wire and a black wire running into it that I thought might be the problem. After reaching in and under from the front and wiggling this part it broke off and I could see evidence of burning on the plastic the two wires run into. I have these wire separated and sticking out the front. After restarting the freezer seems to be working fine, but I am concerned about the purpose of these two wires and what might be the outcome if I just wrap these two wire ends with electrical tape. The diagram on the back of the freezer seems to indicate this past as being a "crossover" but I don't know what that is.Please advise?

Pull the unit away from the wall.....Tilt it back against the wall and now you can look at at the connection.  If there is a plug with multiple wires you will have to cut off the plugs and solice manually.  I cannot see what you are speaking of so I am simply speaking from experience.  All wires must be connected to work properly but we must insure wires are properly spliced.  Can you email me a very good picture of the burnt area.....  

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