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Hello Eric,

I have a kenmore stacked washer/ dryer (model 93812) that is not draining or spinning.  

The machine is in our tenants apartment. Apparently it was working fine.  There were away for the week and they asked me take a look at something unrelated to the washer dryer. While I was up there I checked the dryer filter and it was filled with lint.  When I pulled it out to clean it I looked inside and it was backed up with lint.  I vacuumed it all out.  I went ahead and removed the cover that's was inbetween the dryer and the washer.  It was dusty and vacuumed that out as well.  

Anyways,  when they got back they went to do laundry. The machine filled and washed ( it does agitate), but it does not drain or spin.  I thought I might have knocked off a wire or something but everything seems to be intact.  I pulled of the control assembly with all the switches and the timer (control cluster filled with lint, a few coins, so I vacuumed that out as well).  I opened the lid and depressed the lid switch.  It does agitate whenever I depress it, but I don't hear anything when it reaches the drain cycle.  There are two wires going to the drain pump. A solid black with a red stripe with 120 V when the machine is in wash mode.  When I set it to what I believe is the drain cycle, the second wire which is red with white stripe now has the 120 V but I hear nothing from pump.   I drained the water out and removed the pump.  It looks clean and nothing appears to be jamming it.  I did a continuity test between the two pin connectors and it tested okay.  I even used an extension cord to power up the pump and the pump kicked on.  

I'm lost at this point.  I was going to jump out the lid switch to eliminate more components. I thought the switch was good because it does turn on and off the wash mode but maybe it controls the drain and spin differently?  Or I was think the timer?   But the power to the two wires to the pump do switch when the cycle changes I don't know.  I'm not an appliance repair man just pretty handy.

Any advice at this point with be great.  I don't know how it worked before they left.  All I did was try to vacuum some lint out.  

Thank you,

Try your lid switch idea first....   Very good so far.  When replying, I will need the complete model number beginning with 3 digits in BOLD followed by 7-10 more digits...

Waiting to hear from you,
Eric and Ann Campion

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