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weld assembly
weld assembly  
tub-side shaft
tub-side shaft  
Youíve helped me more than once, really appreciate it; you're the best; noticed youíre close to 10,000 questions; thatís amazing.

Father in law has GE WJSR2070B2WW; Ser # GD162274G. I think tub bearing bad. Heís 94, and Iíve tried to pin him down on how old the machine is but I canít get a solid answer. Keeps saying, ďhad it for years, is really oldĒ. Still cuts his own grass but canít remember when he bought W/M. But looking under the tub seal(yea, I'm that far along), it looks pretty bad so Iím guessing 10-15 year range. Yep, I know machine life is 10 year range. But at 94, Iím pretty sure he doesnít need a new W/M.

Makes loud, roaring/rumbling sound when spinning, like it might explode and when it stops, it makes a grinding sound; I pulled the front off and watched it spinning; was a LOT of vibration where tranny shaft enters tub bearing; also, I can lift the drum about 3/16Ē, grabbing the top lip and pulling up. It will lift like that all around the drum; also noticed rusty-looking powder on top of pulley and inside of platform weld assembly legs; not shavings, but powder.

drains OK; agitates OK.

Belt looks very good; I did not remove belt to spin drum; but after removing outer tub, and with belt still attached, if I turn large pulley clockwise, I hear loud grinding sound; if I turn it counter-clock, no sound. Also, no burnt odor coming from the motor,(I was thinking motor bearings at one point); and dampening straps look good. Nothing out of ordinary with suspension rods.  

Platform weld assembly is good; not cracked/broken. Nothing scraping bottom of W/M floor.

I have removed the outer tub with intent to replace tub bearing & seal, but I canít get platform weld assembly/transmission removed from outer tub. I have removed the 4 screws from weld assembly legs; I have removed washer/nut and even the tub seal from transmission shaft on tub-side; so all I have on the tub-side is the tranny shaft; nothing to hold/secure the shaft. And I have tried pulling up on weld assembly on all 4 sides, while holding tub down with my foot; and thinking tub seal may be severely rusted, I tapped all around the lower shaft of tranny with a hammer to try to loosen it up; and Iíve pulled-up on the assembly while twisting it back and forth; I can turn the entire weld assembly about 1/4 inch left/right and can raise weld assembly about 1/8Ē; but it wonít come out. It feels like something is ďholding it downĒ. Very strange.

And I thought about removing the screw on the tub seal but I canít get my torque nut in the hole. Itís close, but it wonít go in. And even if it would go in, I couldn't attach something to it to turn it.  

Iíve replaced the tub bearing/seal on my Maytag, worked on my dryer, etc, so this ainít my first rodeo. I canít remember the last time I COULDNíT repair something I attempted, but this oneís kicking my ass. Pic attached.

And what is that "bracelet spring" in picture, where does it go? Noticed it after removed tub seal.


ANSWER: typically the metal hub is bad when I see all the residual white stuff built up...the pictures are not good angles for me to see what is on your shaft... Bracelet Spring???  not sure what you mean...   here is a link to see the hub  I mean...

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: yea, I thought the metal hub looked pretty bad when I removed it. I can replace. What's its purpose?
"Bracelet spring" - didn't know what else to call it, but the spring wrapped around top of tranny shaft. It was under the seal when I removed the seal. The spring was originally couple inches lower than shown, probably moved up as I lifted the seal.
Any ideas how to get weld assembly/transmission shaft out of tub bearing/outer tub?

It time to think about money.  Bottom line is your tub seal began leaking water and seeped down intot he tub bearing.  The roaring noise is this tub bearing.  The entire transmission must be replaced as the tub bearing and tub seal are included in the purchase. All you are having problerms with will be new. I am impressed you have the machine torn down that far.  Part number for the transmission assembly is WH38X10002 and I can ship it to your door for 200.00.  Once installing the transmission assembly with tub seal, you will be good to go for many more years with a machine your father knows how to use......  

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