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QUESTION: Hello.  I have a Maytag oven, purchased in 2004, model number MGR5755QDQ, Gas Precision Touch Control 500.  When the oven is turned on, at some point it makes a loud "boom" sound with the door popping open then closing, and the distinct smell of gas is in the air which does go away.  The oven still heats up.  

This doesn't happen every time though, like yesterday it didn't happen.  The previous time it happened, it happened around 6 minutes in.  Another time it happened maybe 2 minutes in.  

My husband replaced the igniter, but that didn't help.  The oven doesn't seem that dirty.

Here is a link to a video of the oven when it's making the sound.  Go to about 5 minutes 25 seconds into the video to go directly to the sound and to see the oven door pop open.  This actually happened around 6 minutes after I turned the oven on.

I'd appreciate any information to point us to the right direction about what's wrong.  Is there a part that we can replace or is it too dangerous and we should call a professional?  We're fairly handy around the house and installed many things ourselves.  

Thanks in advance!

ANSWER: That unit had a safety valve and regulator had problems and most likely is the source of yours... the original part number was 74008808 and was replaced with part number 12002604.   I do not have any in stock and do not know where to find one, they are factory backordered and that has been for some time, I suspect it is actually discontinued.   So sorry we could not have better news.. Ann

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QUESTION: Thanks so much for your response and pointing us in the right direction.  While we figure out what to do, is it safe for us to continue using the oven or should we stop immediately?

Technically it is not you smell gas when the unit is not turned on...if so, gas should be shut off to the unit.   If not, never use it unattended  and alert.   and on this unit the regulator and valve are on one part.   so you cannot even safely use the stove top.   because if gas is turned on to the unit, there is no way to shut it off to the oven...but, last shot.   Are you sure he used the correct replacement ignitor? and also,  it would not hurt to check the oven sensor in the back wall of the oven cavity.  It should OHM in at about 1100 OHMS in a 72 degree room. a bit lower if cooler and a bit higher if warmed... but there should not be more than about 900 to 1300.   before we kill the cow, let's be sure... do you hear any clicking from the control panel...

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