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QUESTION: Hello,  Series 90, Model 110-70922990, Serial # MK4628323.
The exchange below is from 2010.  I bought the parts and it worked well until I replaced the drive motor yesterday. Now, it's exhibiting the same symptoms. Comes on for 30 seconds or so, turns off, then cycles again but stays on for only about 10 seconds, repeats.  I just think it's weird that it started immediately after I replaced the motor. Murphy's Law? If you think it's the same problem as before, I'd like to buy the parts from you again.  I should be in your computer: Walt Ahrens, Buena Vista, CO   Thanks.

FROM 6/2010
If the dryer is cold it will start up and the gas will burn for awhile. Once it shuts off it won’t cycle back on. I can see the igniter glowing orange and I can hear clicks but the gas won’t fire.

Repaired many like this. Teh gas valve coils are failing when they heat up. Common with these coils over the years. Part number is COILKIT and your cost is 19.95 + 5.95 shipping in the United States. Order through us and I will guide you all the way through the installation.

ANSWER: Did you replace it with a new motor?  There is a element circuit in the motor.  The ignitor would not come one however if the motor circuit was not closed.  It closes when running.  If the gas valve comes on when cold and then runs for a while.....then shuts down...then stats again but not staying on long....could be the safety coils again.  Since however.....this only happened since you changed the motor, pull the dryer away from the wall and remove the dryer vent you attach to the dryer.  Now run it.  DOes it run better?

Waiting to hear from you,
Eric and Ann Campion

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QUESTION: YOU ASKED: Since however.....this only happened since you changed the motor, pull the dryer away from the wall and remove the dryer vent you attach to the dryer.  Now run it.  DOes it run better?

YES. I just tried it and the flame stays on. When I return the vent hose, it goes out.  It's about 7 feet to the wall vent and the flaps being pushed up on the outside indicate air flow. Without the hose on, air really blasts out of the dryer.  What's going on?

ANSWER: it tells you that the vent is blocked... you may have air flow but apparently not enough or you push the dryer back into place and kink or crush the hose... but without a doubt the vent is the problem...

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I checked the vent hose and,although there is some lint in the folds, I'd say it's 90 per cent plus clear.  I also rerouted it so there are no sharp angles  but the problem still persists: when I attach the hose the flame goes out.  The hose is only about 6-7 feet long. Is there a filter or something else that could be clogged?  Still wondering why it started after I put it back together.  thanks,  walt

there is no filter but there could be a blockage inside the dryer Yes...and when the vent hose is put back on it reduces the air circulation even more...check the blower wheel and make sure it is tight on the shaft of the motor and is spinning at the same speed as the motor shaft..

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