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QUESTION: I have a dryer that is driving me crazy!

It is a GE model # DBVH510EH0WW.

It makes a loud thumping noise when running. Its will start out not making any noise but after a few minutes starts thumping like its out of balance (its not)and it gets louder and harder. I have replaced everything I could think of and yet it still thumps.

Parts replaced:
Front drum bearing, including the glides.
rear bear
idler pulley

The only thing left is the drum and I may as well get a new dryer because they are expensive.

Please help! getting ready throw it down the steps :)

ANSWER: Check the installation of the upper plastic bearing.  When installing it, I hit it real hard from the front snapping it into place.  If not seated properly, it could thump.  Good Luck, Eric

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks Eric, this seems to be the issue because if I run the dryer with the door open (holding down the door switch) and squeeze the upper plastic bearing near the switch the thumping stops. However, the bearing seems to be seated right :-/

Any thoughts as to what might be wrong or how to fix it?

Thanks again!

ANSWER: Uninstall the upper plastic bearing and reseat it making sure it is fully seated.  Recheck the lower felt for proper placement.  Everything is new.  Just an alignment issue.   Good Luck....  Eric

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Okay, sorry for my late response and thank you for the follow up!

So I pulled it apart and checked everything for alignment and proper installation and everything seems right yet I still get this base-drum-thumbing noise when running. Interestingly it doesn't do it right at first but after it has been running for a few minutes.

I did notice that the lower duct trap assembly seems a little loose but I don't think it is the cause.

Any other thoughts?

Thanks again Eric!

WHen you reinstall te front panel the lower duct work normally pushes against the duct work and secures it.  Most often it is a reassembly problem.  Did you remove the upper from drum bearing as they call it?  I must pound it in with the palm of my hand.  must be aligned with the screw holes exactly.  What abot the drum baffles...............................  Reach inside the dryer drum with out running it.  Turn the drum slowly and see if the noise is there.  If it is, remove all the drum baffles and empty the craps that magically gets in there....  Let me know if I can help further.   Difficult to help as I cannot hear what you are speaking of.......       Eric  

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