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Major Appliances/Maytag electric Neptune Drying Center breaking our hears


Our dryer is not just a dryer, it is a drying center, the Maytag electric Neptune model no. MCE8000AYW.
The lower dryer stopped heating, the upper dryer functioned normally. The repair man said it was the heater, and it is no longer manufactured, but he was able to use replacement coils, dryer element DE1746C (replaces 31001746C.)
When it was apart, I saw the lower door was full of dryer lint. It looked like a very large clogged artery. I was able to take all the lint out of the door.
It functioned normally for a day or so, but one time, I heard a ďpopĒ sound. I thought maybe the dryer vent hose had popped off the back, but it had not. I donít usually use the timed setting, but use the sensor dry option, on low or extra low heat. When I took my load out, they clothes were so hot I could not touch them! Whatever heat setting I put it on, it gets too hot.
The repair man replaced the thermistor WP31001590.
After he left, we ran the dryer for a bit to see how hot it was getting. We soon stopped it because it is hard to tell without clothes in it. I washed a load and put them in the dryer to dry. When I started the dryer, it did not start, it said to close the door. The door was closed. I canít get the bottom dryer to come on now. I hung the clothes in the top dryer. When the top dryer is on, and the door opens, the top dryer continues to blow, but in the past, it would stop when the door is opened. The top dryer light bulb has now gone out, I guess it stayed on the whole time too? I canít verify that, because the bulb is out.
We really liked this dryer, it is two in one, and there is nothing like it to replace it. We do not want to spend good money after bad.
So, what would you recommend? Here are some links about the dryer.

I am very familiar with that unit and have worked on many.....HOWEVER......since someone else worked on it, I do not know what they actually did.  It has been a while since I rebuilt that heating element and we also rebuilt the steam element with the water tray.  When your tech took it sounds like he created problems.  A shorted heating element that he had to rebuild could be touching metal and this would cause the unit to heat all the time without thermostats or thermisters to shut it down.  Now, it would trip on a thermal fuse which tells me there is a problem with an overheat situation.  I would call this gentleman back and tell him what I said and to check the heating element he restrung.  Good Luck, Eric  

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