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Major Appliances/Washer/Dryer affected by water/flood?


Good evening Carl. I have a Whirlpool washer and dryer, approximately 6 years old. In my apartment, the hot water heater is mounted directly above the dryer. On Friday, the hot water heater burst and flooded the laundry area. My question is, how much does that type of water/flood affect a washer and/or dryer? I used the washer today and it APPEARS to be working okay. The dryer, however, smelled like something was burning and so I immediately stopped it. Does it seem like this is something that will go away? Or maybe can be repaired? Or am I better off replacing the dryer and just seeing how things go with the washer? The dryer is model # LER3624JQ0> The washer model is LSR6332KQ0. Both Whirlpool, Commercial Quality, Super Capacity. Thanks much!

I have done insurance work before, and if the water was 3 inches deep or more, the unit is finished. It may work now, but motor damage may occur several months down the road. If the dryer had been a gas dryer, it is very dangerous to keep in service. If you have insurance, use it! :)

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I am a self-employed Major Appliance Service Technician. I can answer MOST major appliance questions, and I will only tell you the CORRECT way to fix something (as I would in my customer's house). I do NOT "sugar-coat" my answers - you are told it up-front, and to the point. Some models are not available in Canada however (and vise-versa), and although "a dryer is a dryer" (for example), I am more familiar with North American models. Remember, I HAVEN'T seen EVERYTHING, and I can't do ANYTHING without the correct model number! :)


I have been a Technician in the Major Appliance field since 1995, after I graduated from Lambton College in Sarnia, Ontario, in which I took the Major Appliance Repair Technician Program. I have been self-employed since 1998.

I am a registered contractor with T.S.S.A. in Ontario. The T.S.S.A. regulate the fuels industry in Ontario, and BY LAW, you MUST be a registered contractor to work on ANY gas appliance in Ontario. I also belong to the Better Business Bureau of Windsor & Southwestern Ontario.

I graduated from the Major Appliance Technician Servicing Program at Lambton College in Sarnia, Ontario. I have achieved accreditation by the Government Of Ontario as a Major Appliance Service Technician. I continually attend update workshops, and I am an Authorized Servicer for Whirlpool Canada.

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