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Prechita R. wrote at 2009-07-01 14:24:07
I called Dinar yesterday and got really conflicting information from them.  Their 60-day trial was really 30 days if you don't call them and they keep $50.00 if you return it.  You have to give them two credit cards, what is this all about?  Two credit cards to order one product???? I was confused so I called back later and got a different story from the next agent.  Still had to have two credit cards but never mentioned that the 60-day trial was really just 30-days until I asked her directly.  She misrepresented her main competition.  I have done extensive research on the products since I am a professional makeup artist.  Maybe I just knew what to ask.  The major competiton has been in business over 12 years and they have out sold Dinar 1000 fold.  Their product is water based although the Dinar agent told me this product was silicone based.  When I asked directly, she backed downed and said some other air brush companies have silicone.  Frankly, before I called yesterday I was leaning toward the Dinar over  the Luminess but after speaking to the two Dinar agents I realized I want to do business with a company that has straight answers and the answers match.

Ginger wrote at 2009-07-01 17:14:23
OK, this is my review.

Dinair sux.

There I said it.  I ordered this piece of doodie cause I though it would be better than ordering the other one you see on TV.  Also Dinair states they are the orginal airbrush people.  Whatever, who cares!  This Dinair is a piece of "Hoo-Haa"  and all is does is blow air on your face, and makes you wanna sneeze.  I was blinking so much cause this air was blowing in my eyes, that I could not even put on this makeup.  So I called their customer service, and the lady asked me "Well, did you put makeup in the airbrush?"  HOW dumb so she think I am honestly!  I told her the thing was hard to use.  My Eyes watered so much from blinking that it even loosened the glue that held on my eyelashes on and the eyelash fell off cause I was blink so darn much! (Pay Up, those eyelashes were $9.00) OK, really what is the point! It makes me tense up my face like I am gonna sneeze and blink like a crazy person.  Someone at the company told me I had to dial the compressor down, like turning down the volume on a radio, and I did not see any buttons to turn it up or down.  Why do I need to turn it down when I do my makeup!  I like my makeup dialed up, Hello that is why I got this!  So I packed it up and sent it back.  And they kept my money, 44.85!  RIP OFF!!!!  Don't do it, just don't even think about it.

Kay wrote at 2010-03-28 13:23:02
Luminess foundation is far more expensive than Dinair.  I have recently ordered the Dinair and will post my review on the product. The amount Luminess gives you is a joke.  The bottle did not last me an entire month and I only use it once a day.  I wish I had known about Dinair first.

yurbomb wrote at 2010-05-08 06:13:27


Fonda Randall wrote at 2014-06-12 22:35:37
Do not buy the Luminess Air products....they suck....and they will not refund your money...they have stolen $188.00 of mine...

They should be shut down...they are scammers

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