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I am a natural redhead living in Louisiana.  All my life(I am now 52) I have had what I call the redhead T.  The red skin on the forehead between the eyebrows, the red nose and areas around the nose and the chin.  Is there anything that I can use on my skin to tone that redness down so I don't have to wear as much makeup?  I want to go to not much makeup.  I"m tired of covering up. It looks fake.  I want to go to a natural look but without the redness.  Help!  It's not roseacea.  I've had it since puberty.  No problem with blemishes.


Sounds like your skin might have some sensitivities which can cause redness and it is pretty common for women to have redness in those areas. I would get on a skin care regime for sensitive skin. I would also recommend using a face primer. You can apply it even if you're not going to be wearing makeup. The primer will smooth your face and is also known to tone down redness. I've also heard that rubbing watermelon and honey on the forehead redness will help to rid it. The skin around the nose is thinner and more sensitive than the rest of your skin so real cold winters or very hot summers can cause redness in that area as well. Using a good moisturizer will help. If you are currently washing your face with really hot water that can also contribute to the redness. Luke warm water is best when washing your skin. Hope this is helpful I provided a link to a skin care line for sensitive skin if needed.


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