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Hi, I have noticed that, especially in the colder months, I will get red, blotchy skin on my face. It become very sensitive as well. I have  fair skin and I have also noticed that I have all kinds of small rough bumps on my face as well. I have tried Noxzema, Eucerin, lac-hydrin five and a home made facial mask of banana, oatmeal, honey and milk. I have always longed and dreamed of beautiful, flawless skin that is even, soft and smooth. I try to drink water as well, but I feel discouraged since nothing really seems to be working. I also don't want to have to pay loads of money either. Please help me. Thanks :)

Hi Izzy,

So it does sound like you have sensitive skin. It also sounds like you are switching up product too much which can cause your skin to freak out. Try sticking to a good regime for a little while before switching up. I know it can get frustrating, especially when you're not getting immediate results from a product or any results at all. It is also possible that you could have eczema but it is hard to say. You can see a doctor to help determine that. Try cutting dairy out of your diet it may help if you do in fact have eczema. Also taking vitamin C and omegas help contribute to beautiful skin. I am not a doctor so I suggest  consulting with one before doing anything drastic with your diet. I will provide a link to the products my clients with sensitive skin use. I have had great results with this product and it will also help balance out your skin tone. Be sure to keep your skin moisturized as well and avoid washing your face with hot water. Hope this helps.


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