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HELP.  I had very little problems with acne and skin as a teen.  As a young adult I've been fairly good too.  I'd get a few pimple around my chin if I'd been resting my chin in my hand while studying or working at the computer.  My skin care consisted of eye-makeup remover and warm water with a bit of light moisturizer for the driest parts of winter.

I recently moved from a COLD dry climate to a hot HUMID environment.  I've been breaking out non-stop.   I get big nasty zits around my chin & lower lip and my entire forehead is covered in small bumpy pimples.  I know I need to start SOMETHING, but I don't know what.  I've been trying a facial scrub, just a basic Aveeno face brightening scrub, but it isn't doing anything to help.  

Toners, cleansers, scrubs, masks, moisturizers... I have no clue which of these things I need and what I should be looking for in each of them.
In addition, I have always used PUR minerals pressed powder & blush as my make-up.  However I'm almost out and can't buy them here.  Should I be looking for another pressed powder? loose powder? liquid foundation? Something else I don't know about off hand?? What is going to stay on my face and survive the sweat?  

Any help you can give would be awesome.  

Oh and if you suggest brand names can you explain why.  I'm in Australia right now and don't have access to the same brands, but should be able to find their equivalent.

Hi Tara,

I understand what you are going through and I have some tips that I think might help. First off ditch the mineral foundation. Most mineral foundations contain an ingredient called Bismuth Oxychloride. Most people are allergic to it and it could cause breakouts. For makeup I would go with a primer, pressed powder foundation and concealer. You could try a matte liquid foundation as well it works for oily skin. The primer will help keep your makeup in place throughout the day. Apply the concealer after your foundation it will cover the blemishes better while you are healing. Oil blotting sheets are good to carry throughout the day and a pressed power is good to carry along for touch ups.

For skin care I recommend the Mary Kay Velocity set for my customers with these problems and they have had great results. There is also a lady who made a website all about acne and I think she lives in Australia. Some of her advice is a little extreme but she does have good tips and you can purchase acne fighting skin care from her website. It will accessible to you too. Also be sure to use a light moisturizer day and night. If you don't keep your skin moisturized it will over produce oil and that can cause breakouts.

Another few small tips is to wash your pillow cases once a week if you don't already. That will get rid of bacteria on your pillow that can cause breakouts as well. Also wiping down your phone to keep that bacteria off your face. Hope this helps I provided links below.

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