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QUESTION: hello linda
         my name is rahul.iam aged facial skin is not chubby.iam weighting normal..its look like iam getting into my short my face looks like an aged guy...its not looking like a 24 year old guy' can see the tiredness and aging in ma skin,specially around the eyes and down the eyes..kindly can u give me advice on this on how to make my face chubby without appearing bony..i had also done some dieting in the past to get fitness..can it be the reason??.also can u suggest if u hav  any good grade  anti aging creams..expecting your valuable advice on this issue..

ANSWER: Dear Rahul~

I'm wondering if you've seen an M.D. about your concerns?  It is not typical to have visible aging taking place at your young age.  I would think there is a health issue underlying this.  Is your nutritional intake sound? Do you take a multi-vitamin and eat plenty of foods high in anti-oxidants---including lots of fruits and vegetables?  Do you drink 6-8 glasses of water per day?

If you are doing all of the above, all the more reason I would encourage you to have a thorough health exam.

Meanwhile, any anti-aging cleansers. lotions or creams by Olay or ROC you can be sure will help you combat signs of premature aging.  These products are available at any pharmacy or drug store.

Best blessings, Rahul.

Linda Gearke
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QUESTION: Linda,i had seen ur valuable answer on my issue..regarding my food.iam an eggetarian..i also eat no junk food...i also keep myslf hydrated too..i had  a running half  an hour  can be the reason for this tired looking face   and aging.bcoz i run everyday for half an hour...can u plz give ur valuable  advice on this...iam keeping my hope on ur   answer,Linda.

Hello Rahul~

Sounds like you live a very healthy lifestyle.  However, I still stand by my advice above, to see a doctor for a complete check-up.  The premature aging you describe cannot be helped by any skin care product if you have a medical condition causing it. I would eliminate that possibility first.

Best wishes,


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