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QUESTION: how to look fair?
how to remove ance nd pimples?

ANSWER: Hello Abhijeet. As an acne sufferer myself, I can tell you that it is a skin disease to which there is no cure. Good news is, there is absolutely a way to keep acne pimples under control. First, you need a good exfoliator to remove dead skin build-up that can clog pores, causing acne. From my own experience, previously, Ive cleared my skin with two products. One is a special micro fiber wash cloth, that you can apply to your skin using ONLY WATER, NO SOAP OR FACIAL CLEANSERS NEEDED.

This special type of cloth will deeply cleanse and lift off dead skin, unclog pores, and remove excess oil and acne-causing bacteria in your skin, which can clear the face of pimples. Also, the exfoliation from this cloth can help even out your skin color. Now, I'm not sure when you say you want "to look fair", if you mean you want to lighten dark spots to match the color of the rest of your skin, or if you just want an over all skin lightening to look fairer. Please advise me on this. However, if you simply just want a more clear, even-toned complexion, the second product I recommend is a skin lightener for uneven skin tone containing natural ingredients, as naturals can be healthier for your skin.

Oh, the other reason I suggest using the micro fiber wash cloth to cleanse your skin, is because skin prone to pimples need not use any more skin care products on the skin than necessary. Many products can cause more pimples and skin irritations leading to more problems for your skin. With this cloth, you need nothing but water and no pore-clogging formulas or harsh facial soaps. remember, the fewer products (no more than three)you use on your skin the better. Skin loves simplicity in a regimen.

One thing to remember, Abhijeet. If you want an even skin color that lasts, you should use at least a UVA/UVB protective sun block of at least an SFF 20-25 applied after you cleanse and apply skin lightener. Apply at least 30 minutes before going outdoors. This will help keep your skin from getting darker, as the sun will darken your skin without sun protection, even if you use a skin lightener. To find the products I speak about above, you can in most cases, you may be able to find the microfiber wash cloth at your local discount store in your country, or online for sure, as I did.

I've used a type called EpiCleanse cloth and you can find it at You can also do a Google search for "micro fiber wash cloth" and "natural skin lightening products" to see what's available to your liking. For more tips and advice on keeping acne pimples under control and hyper pigmentation or uneven skin tone and what ingredients to look for in products designed for uneven skin tone or hyper pigmentation, and skin lightening, you can visit and Hope this helps and God bless.


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QUESTION: how remove pimples naturally by not applying anything naturally

Hi there Abhijeet. I'm not sure I know what you mean when you say "remove pimples naturally by not applying anything naturally". When it comes to pimples and acne (or any other skin condition for that matter), usually one needs to do one thing or another in an effort to help the condition.

Abhijeet, I can say that another way to clear up pimples on a longer term basis, is from the inside out. Sometimes for many people, acne is a result of what's going on inside your body. Many times, mild toxins that enter into our body through the foods we eat or medicines we take can cause hormonal imbalance inside our bodies resulting in skin conditions such as acne and eczema, just to name a couple.

Many times, our bodies respond to certain medicines that can also have an effect on our skin. I'm also not sure if you're taking any medicines that may be causing the pimple breakouts. However, I believe there is a lot more information, that I may not be able to cover in this message due to the abundance of information and explanation required to understand what I am sharing with you.

For more info on understanding your skin's condition, what may be causing it, and possible solutions to get the pimples under control, you can feel free to visit the following pages at my site, at....

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