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QUESTION: Hello, how are you going? :-) I saw a photo of a model wearing red glossy lipstick and it looks really nice. I would like to copy that look, but it also looks like in the photo like she has put some kind of white or silver on her bottom lip. Here is a link to the photo, it is 2 photos but the one I am looking at is the girl with the red glossy lips. I was wondering if you might know how I can recreate that makeup look that she has on her lips. Thanks heaps for your time, I do appreciate it a lot :-) Kind Regards, from Christina :-)

ANSWER: Hi Christina,

I don't see the link to the pictures. Here are links to some red lips i've done and I can tell you how to recreate them. Hopefully they are close to what your looking for.

This first look I used a brown toned lip liner, red lipstick and finished with a gold toned gloss. Make sure you blend the lip liner in well.

This next look is more of a deeper darker red. I used a clear lip liner, red lipstick, red lip gloss and a copper toned lip gloss.


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QUESTION: Hello, wow, thanks heaps for that, those red lips you did are awesome, Im going to do them for sure, thanks heaps for that! :-)

I feel like such a dumbo, I forgot to give you the link to the red lips I saw in the photo. How embarrassing! :-D Here is the link here to the red lips that I was wondering about:

Thanks heaps for your time, I really appreciate it :-) Kind Regards, from Christina

Hello again:)

Looks like the white/silver you see is just light reflecting off of her gloss. To accomplish that look I would use clear liner, red lipstick a little gold tone gloss and maybe a high shine gloss. You can sample and play with different tones of reds at most makeup counters. It's also important to do a red that goes well with your skin tone.    


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