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Makeup & Skincare/allergy while removing pubic hair and discolouration of skin


my whole body is of different colour breast are fair legs different colour ..stomach is little bit dull ..atleast my body is having matching colour but my face is a hell different colour ..may be its due to sun ..i dnt know should i treat ths ..while removing pubic hair it comes back in a day ..,i shave my pubic hair i do anythng else ..would you mind suggesting a better way so that hair will take time,,,how can i lighten my stomach hair?

Hello Mehroosh. Good to meet you. It is very common for women with brown skin (and men for that matter) to have various shades or colors on different parts of the body. Brown skinned individuals like you and I tend to have more sensitive skin that gets discolored quite easily as beautiful as it is. The first thing to remember, is that the sun definitely will darken your skin if it is unprotected.

Always apply sun block at least 30 minutes before going outside. The key things to look for when purchasing a sun block is that it needs to be broad-spectrum. What that means is, it will protect your skin from the UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays darken skin and worse yet, cause skin cancer. UVB rays cause sun burn. Also the sun block should be at least an SPF 20-30 which should contain the active natural ingredient, zinc oxide. Zinc oxide provides broad spectrum protection and soothes irritated skin. This type of sun block can reverse skin darkening and prevent it as well.

As for the allergy or irritation as a result of shaving, perhaps a bikini trimmer may work well for you. I, too experience issues with shaving using traditional razors on my bikini line and personal area. What I use is a really good product called the Panasonic Bikini Shaper & Trimmer available from Amazon . I've had it for about a year now, and it did not cause discolored skin, irritation or anything. Just a clean, smooth shave.

Mehroosh, I know you say you want to treat your discolored areas while continuing to shave that delicate area, but it is best to use a trimmer like I speak of, because it lessens irritation. When irritation is kept at a minimum, you have less chance of developing discolorations or irritations in this area. If you decide to go this route and purchase the trimmer, be sure to always clean the blade with alcohol to kill bacteria that can build up on the blade from continued use. Cleaning your trimmer like this keeps irritation and other little "nasties" away. :)

Now when it comes to getting your skin tone an even color, you may want to use either a skin lightening cream, lotion or gel on the darker areas, followed by the sunblock I spoke of earlier. You can first use something like the trimmer I spoke of to get rid of the hair on your stomach, bikini line and personal area, then after several minutes, apply the lightener to the affected area being careful not to get it too close for comfort, if you know what I mean. :)

You may not have to use the sun block on that personal area because it usually isn't exposed to sun much, unless you go swimming in the summer and it is exposed to sun. However, you can use the sun block on your face after you have applied the skin lightener, before going outside during the day.

Please be sure to Google "natural skin lightener" , "natural skin whitener" or "natural skin lightening" to see what options are available. Many online retailers ship world wide. It is best to use a skin lightener that contains natural ingredients because about 60-70% of what you apply to your skin can absorb through your skin and enter the blood stream.

Below, is a link to a web site I believe has many skin whitening products that are pretty inexpensive. The least I can say, is that there is no hydroquinone in their products and there are customer testimonials for you to check out. Hydroquinone is a toxic skin whitening agent used in most skin bleaching creams. No good for your skin. Hope this helps. Let me know if I can help further. God bless, Mehroosh.




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