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Hi, I have a question on how I can apply makeup as I have quite a bit of facial hair. The hair on my face is quite dark and thick and I have a light skin tone. It is very hard for me to use hair removal creams or bleaching creams as the hair is very thick and is noticeable, and I don't usually wear makeup as my skin is even toned and I don't really have any blemishes but the reason why I want to wear foundation or concealer is I do have dark circles. I guess what my question is will the hair stand out more if I wear makeup, will it look plastered down, or will it actually cover it.
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Hello Kris. My apologies for my delayed response, as it was a very busy weekend for me since Friday. Well Kris, when it comes to facial hair and makeup, it is not easy to cover the hair this way. Yes, in my opinion, the hair will look plastered down with the makeup. Especially if it is dark and thick. But there is good news! I feel your pain. From my personal experience with "peach fuzz" on my cheeks and jawline, I've discovered this neat little "Wet/Dry Everywhere Trimmer" for face and body from Amazon . I love it and bought three, two for myself, and one for my mother.

Kris, this seems like a good alternative for you, considering the fact you, like myself, are sensitive to hair removal and bleaching creams. This trimmer will not nick your skin, it doesn't pull at the hair, just a nice, clean, smooth hair removal experience. This product should not irritate your skin either. Also, it is great for thick facial hair as well as hair on legs. I've had great experience with it on my face. if you decide to use this product, your makeup application should be flawless afterwards, considering you already have even toned skin and no problem with blemishes.

Kris, the concealer sounds like a good idea for dark under eye circles. Remember when applying concealer, be sure to "pat and blend" , as opposed to "rubbing to blend" it under the eyes, as this can cause the thin skin under the eye area to sag. Below, I've included the link to an article I wrote about dark circles, and the link to Amazon, where you can purchase the trimmer I spoke about. The price in my opinion, is very reasonable at just under 17 bucks.
Hope this helps. Let me know how it works out, if you decide to try this. God bless!




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