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Hello, I have many pimple and they are sore some of the time I have tried creams but they don't go away I wash my face everyday, and they don't go away sometimes they bleed.

Hi Shannon. I understand your pain. I have struggled with those similar types of pimples myself. I'm not sure what kind of cleansing method you're using. However, it sounds like your skin is irritated by the inflammation from washing your face perhaps not using as gentle of a method  your skin is requiring of you at this time.

Many times, we over stimulate our skin during the cleansing process, in an effort to help the pimples to go away. However, when we over stimulate our skin with either the wrong or harsh cleansing methods such as pore-clogging, abrasive or chemically-laden skin care and cleansing products, we cause more inflammation in our skin which results in worse acne pimples and even bleeding.

Shannon, I can share with you what worked for me because I've been where you are. For example, I don't use a cleanser, soap, face mask, or scrub to wash my face. I simply use a special microfiber cloth from Maxine Warsh, called EpiCleanse, The Warsh Cloth. This may be your answer because it eliminates the need for you to use any chemicals on your skin to get it clean and exfoliated. With this special cloth, there's no need for facial cleansers, exfoliators, scrubs, etc. You use only water. How coll is that?

Plus, this cloth is very, very soft and gentle yet effective at ridding your skin of dead skin cells, dirt, make up and bacteria - all of which contributes to acne pimples. This cloth will not cause irritation, which is also a major cause of acne. I know I sound like I'm promoting this cloth, but I love it and I own three. Thy are only three for $20. And, each one lasts for approximately 3 months.

Shannon, think of how much money you'll save on facial cleansers, masks, scrubs, make up removers, and anything else that cleanses the skin. I'm so confident in this product, I strongly suggest looking into it. It has helped save my skin. If you decide to go this route, after cleansing your skin with this cloth, dab a drop or two of Tea Tree oil onto each affected area of your skin. You probably already know that Tea Tree oil is indigenous to Australia, where I believe it is readily available.

Tee Tree is anti bacterial (it will kill acne-causing bacteria), it is a pain reliever (great for the irritation and inflammation), anti fungal, and anti viral, among other benefits. Mant times previously, I've dabbed Tea Tree oil (neet-undiluted) onto my pimples right after I cleanse and exfoliate with the cloth. Try this simple acne regimen, and see if this works for you, which I believe it will. I, too am an acne sufferer, but I get it under control this way.

Shannon, if you decide to go this route, i should not cost you much. I have purchased just one clothe in the past for about $10. And, I've purchased the Tea Tree oil in America for about less than $4 for a 10 ml bottle (Third of an ounce. You don't need much).

The total including shipping shouldn't come to more than about $20 approximately. Below, I've included a link to the video demo of this cloth. Also, I've included a link to the exact same brand of Tee Tree oil I purchased inexpensively from Amazon and I still use it. Don;t forget to check out the reviews. Hope this helps. God bless.




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