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Hi Linda,

Hope you are doing good.
I am a 27 year old female with a many skin problems.Though my skin is healthy, (as mentioned by dermatologist)I have very sensitive and thin skin.I have a T-Zone oily skin (forehead and chin are oily) and rest area is quite dry.The skin is wheatish in color and looks very dull and dry and aged.I also have dark circles and eye bags around my eyes.
I sleep for 8 hours a day and keep myself hydrated by taking 2 litres of water everyday.I do not get any facial bleach etc done on my face.

I went to Dermatologist for treatment today in Mumbai.He did a 20% Glycolic acid chemical peel followed by a immediate microdermabrassion.I did not feel any tingling or irritation during or after the treatment but I feel dryness in the skin.I want to know.
1)Is it safe to get a Microdermabrassion done immediately after a chemical peel.
2)When should I get my next chemical peel done(after 2 weeks?) and how much percent it should be(30% or 40%).
3)Will chemical peeling and Microdermabrassion result in further thinning of skin?
4)Can chemical peel or microdermabrassion help in getting rid of under eye dark circles.
5)How can I get rid of sunken eyes naturally?

Many Thanks

Dear Mandakini~

1)  While the combination of the two, in experienced hands, is quite safe, I generally would not see the benefit of doing both. A practitioner experienced in chemical peels can alter the depth and effect of chemical peels by altering these parameters: the chemical used, strength/concentration of the chemical, application force,layers or number of applications applied, and in the case of glycolic acid, time to neutralization of the peel (with water). This is why chemical peels are so effective-- they are relatively inexpensive and an artful practitioner can achieve a variety of results with proper treatment. Their is little (if anything) a microdermabrasion can do that a proper chemical peel cannot.

2) Mild chemical peels can be done once a month to exfoliate the skin and improve skin texture. If you have acne prone skin or hyper pigmentation you should commit to a package of 5-10 peels in order to get the acne in control or to improve the discoloration. Depending on the skin condition, chemical peels can be combined with microdermabrasion or IPL for even better results.  The percentage for your next peel would typically be bumped to 30%, but that is entirely dependent on how you fared with the 20% peel and your dermatologist's recommendation.

3) Yes, but this is not a bad thing.  The goal of chemical peels and the endpoint of your series of treatments of chemical peels and microdermabrasion is to promote exfoliation (thinning) of the epidermis, allowing for increased lymph flow which provides cleaning, toning and reduced redness. By thinning the dermis, the dermal layer of your skin will heal itself by producing more collagen that rebuilds the skin and in turn will reduce or reverse dermal thinning improving tone, texture, and pigment.

4)Chemical peels in this area will usually reduce the pigmentation and improve the quality of the skin in terms of overall collagen content. It should be used as a combination approach to the management of under eye circles.
5) The key word here is naturally-  the only natural solution would be a good concealor to help mask the appearance of sunken eyes.  Also, if you are underweight, gaining weight will help to reduce this.

Finally, be sure to wear a good night cream to replenish your dry skin.  Visit for a wonderful healing skin serum that will help correct this.  Also, use a daytime moisturizer with an SPF 15 (at least)every day!  Your skin should be glowing in no time.

Best wishes!
Linda Gearke
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