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Hey! I am 21 and still having some acne problems. The skin on my face tend to be very dry. I use moisturizer on a regular bases. This year the problem has changed a bit. Every time I was my face with anything, even just water, my face is completely dry. I mean it gets flaky and everything. I hardly wash my face, but I have some acne issues so I need too. Every time I wash my face it as if I need to start from scratch with moisturizing. I am at a stage now were I am not sure what to do. I can't keep putting on so much moisturizer because that's not good and I can't was my face because my skin will dry out. How do I take care of both issues? Which products should I look into?

Hey Ricki. How are you? I believe I have what I believe is the perfect answer for you...Tamanu oil and Epicleanse Cloth. I'll give you details shortly. But first, I want you to know that I completely understand what you mean about your skin being acne prone, yet every time you wash your face, even while moisturizing is part of your daily routine, your skin begins back where it started... flaky, dry and yet still broken out.

First, for the flakes you need exfoliation (dead skin cell removal)that requires nothing but water and no drying soaps, cleansers, facial masks, etc. I understand when you say that even when you wash with water, your skin still becomes very dry and flaky. However, water is better than using all those chemicals that can cause your skin worse problems. There's an effective way to cleanse with water using only this cloth...

My first product recommendation: EpiCleanse Skin Cloth (aka 'The Little Miracle Worker'). Here's how this special cloth can help your skin (and yes, I own three I use myself):

*Removes dry, flaky dead skin cells
*Deep cleanses by removing dirt, oil, bacteria and make up
*Gentle on most sensitive skin
*Replaces harsh, drying chemical-laden soaps, cleansers, makeup removers
*Cloth lasts approximately 3 months
*Saves you time and money
*Get 3 for about $20.00 - with each cloth lasting about 3 months, that's 9 months worth of skin cleansing/exfoliation for only $20.00. Now that's a real deal.

Next we'll address keeping your skin moist, yet not greasy and oily all day. Not to worry when I say 'oil' - it should not break you out, as people not only with dry skin, but people with acne and all skin types also use this oil to help their breakouts and other skin issues. So you guessed it... my next recommendation is Tamanu oil. By this oil being so good for many different skin issues, you can catch two butterflies with the same net, by healing your acne and dry skin at the same time. Here's what this wonderful oil can do for your skin by helping to correct:

*Acne marks
*Dry, flaky skin
*Hyperpigmentation (uneven skin tone)
*Insect bites
*Stretch marks
*Athletes foot, and so much more

This organic oil is available online at the link below for just under $21.00 for an 8 oz. bottle. Usually, this oil is expensive and costs anywhere from $30-$60.00 for only a 4 oz. bottle! Again, what a real deal. Remember, cleansing with the cloth followed by the application of Tamanu oil should definitely help your skin's condition very well. I've used this oil myself and have had acne issues most of my life.

Also, your skin could be acneic because of the irritation that comes from the dry skin. Acne is caused by four main factors:

*Dead skin cells (this sounds like one problem for you)
*inflammation/irritation (this sounds like the other problem for you)
*excessively oily skin

There is such a thing as dry skin breakouts. Acne doesn't only manifest itself in oily skin, as you can see. Ricki below, I've included four links to where you can purchase the Tamanu oil and EpiCleanse Cloth and I've included a free report with more info about Tamanu oil for your review. Hope this all helps, and blessings to you for your efforts in addressing your skin's challenges.

Free Report Download:

Where to get organic Tamanu oil:

EpiCleanse video demo:

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