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QUESTION: hello,
My husband need to use anti againg cream for eye and face.His health care provider suggested him to use one with collagen in it.Someone suggested me this cream for him
But i am not sure if this cream has collagen in it or not.Can you please take a look and suggest me on this or if you can suggest some good antiaging cream for eye and face for Men that would be great too.
thank you


I have never personally tried the cream so I can't say how well it works by experience. With the research I've done it does have peptide technology which will increase collagen. From what I've read its seems like a really good facial cream. I put a link below for a men's eye cream. I hear it works well but again have never tried it personally. It is very important to use eye creams. They also keep the skin around your eye moisturized which prevents wrinkles as well. I hope this is helpful.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks so much for your quick response,i really appreciate.Thanks for the link,I will look for it at Nordstrom store.
And  sorry my mistake I did not mention about the eye cream,she also ,mentioned about this product from the same brand for eye..
And also this product ,I don't understand though that  what is the use of this product ,,probably she mentioned about it as I was asking about the sunscreen with SPF 30.
I also need a good sunscreen for him with SPF 30


Again I've never used these particular products myself so I'm not sure how well they would work. I would use the SPF lotion in the day time so he can get the effects of the sunscreen and I would use the other lotion w/o SPF at night. I'm sure the eye cream is good as well. Below I have a link to the products my fiancÚ uses and has had great results with. I hope this helps and feel free to follow up with any other questions.

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