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QUESTION: I have a normal, very sensitive skin, which is also acne and pimples prone.
I tried a lot of medicines but no use!
I am allergic to milk, benzoyl peroxide,soaps and to other chemicals and medicated products.
So finding no solution to these pimples..
I used to apply chemical free sun screen cream ( main ingredients: Titium dioxide, zinc oxide,Octyl Methoxycinnamate and Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane) because i have to remain outdoors.. So I need to know cleansing methods that removes all sun screen and make up effectively, not cloging pores and at the same time, not irritating my delicate skin.
Please please guide me.. GOD will help you in return.. Thank you soooooooooo much.

ANSWER: Hello Marry. How are you? I believe I can suggest to you what I believe is the perfect solution for your sensitive skin. It is called the EpiCleanse Cloth (aka The Warsh Cloth). I use it religiously every single day, as I too, struggle off and on with acne pimples. Since your skin is sensitive and acne prone, this special cloth can help because you will not have to use harsh, chemical-filled and irritating cleansers to remove your make-up and sunblock. Because you will only need water with this cloth, you won't have to worry about anything clogging your pores as well.

Many facial washes and cleansers are so irritating, they can cause acne break outs, red, irritated skin, contact dermatitis, etc. This could be why many skin care products haven't worked for you. As for the sun block you've been using, the two ingredients (Octyl Methoxycinnamate and Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane)you made reference to, are indeed chemicals and can be very harsh on sensitive skin.

You may want to use a strictly zinc oxide-based (no added harsh, irritating chemicals) UVA/UVB protective sun block of at least an SPF 20-30 or higher during the day, after you apply your other skin care products. Below, I've included a link to a very well formulated sun block by Badger that I use on my 4 and 7 year old, as I will use ABSOLUTELY NO HARSH CHEMICALS on them.

This sun block is certified natural, certified organic and - IT WORKS VERY WELL. Back to the EpiCleanse Cloth, I've included a link to a video demo of the creator using it herself. If you like, you can also get it at her website, where you can buy 2 and get one free. Here's her site, . Below, are some of the benefits of this cloth - check it out.

EpiCleanse Cloth (aka The Warsh Cloth)

*Anti Bacterial
*Great for acne treatment and acne prone skin
*Exfoliates the skin
*Deep Cleansing
*Skin care products then go into skin deeper after using epiCLEANSE
*Removes makeup - even mascara - with water only!
*No need for makeup remover or soap on the skin
*No more chemicals, makeup remover, and soaps that dry and harm skin
*Save money on makeup remover and soap
*Excellent for ALL skin types
*Clean cloth with soap and rinse after each use
*Reuse for 3-4 months
*Specially woven for dirt and makeup to adhere to it

One more thing, I suggest you use Tea Tree oil on your blemishes right after cleansing your skin with the cloth. The cloth will unclog pores, while removing dead skin cells (using ONLY WATER), then the Tea Tree oil can penetrate into the skin better to help clear acne pimples and calm irritation. This is the same regimen I use for my acne outbreaks. First, cleanse with cloth, next, dab Tea Tree oil on blemishes (followed by my 2-in-1 Skin Lightener for dark acne marks)and last, apply Badger sun block before going out during the day. You can get Tea Tree oil (same one I use) inexpensively here, . Marry, I wish you well in your effort to help your skin. Hope this helps.


EpiCleanse Video Demo:

Badger All Natural Sunscreen:

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QUESTION: Thank you sooooooooo much..
I really dont know how to Thank You.
May God Bless you and your family with Health, success, peace and joy..
You are very co operative and helpful.
Your detailed answer made me glad. I am sooooooo much happy.
God has sent an Angel in your form to me to help me..

I have some questions,
1. What is this Warsh cloth made up of ? Can i made this cloth in home?
   because i cannot afford, as dollars have high strength against my  country currency..
2. Using this cloth means to say bye bye to cleansers and soaps for ever??
  or we will have to use cleansers one time in a week?? How often to wash face in a day with this cloth?

3. Is this cloth easily available in medical stores or pharmacies?
4. Many people say that using oil (any type, even tea tree oil) will make facial hair to grow? So what to do?? I dont want hairs on my face.
and last question:
my Another sunscreen contains :
Mexoryl Sx, Parsol, Eusolex, Micronized Titanium Dioxide (physical Sunscreen)..
So Is this beneficial for sensitive skin??
It does not contain zinc oxide, so Is this still effective ??
I have heared that zinc oxide protects us from UVa more that the titanium dioxide cannot.. .So what do you say ??

Waiting for your reply....
And again, Thank you so much..

ANSWER: Hello once again Marry and you're welcome. To answer your questions, please see the replies below.

1.>>>The Warsh Cloth (aka EpiCleanse Cloth) is made up of a specially woven material called microfiber, which is made up of a blend of polyester and polyamide. This is basically what all microfiber cloths are made of. I'm pretty sure you would need a special (and expensive) machine to make this cloth at home. You should indeed be able to find a good quality microfiber cloth of similar quality in your local drug store, pharmacy, general merchandise store, household, discount store or clothing store.

2.>>>Although you could alternate the use of a cleanser with this cloth, it would, in my opinion, be an unnecessary expense an step. That is exactly what this cloth is designed to do - save you time and money. You don't need to buy additional cleansers and makeup removers, as this cloth does it all - removes makeup, dirt, oil, and sunblock, all with only water. The cloth lasts for 3 to 4 months at only $9.95 USD. From my own experience, a cleanser can run you about the same $9.95 USD for only a 30-40 day supply. See the difference in cost as well as the savings in time, where you don't have to use other additional cleansers?

3.>>> As for facial hair growth, not to worry, Marry. Essential oils such as Tea tree oil (or any other, for that matter), are not going to cause facial hair growth or hair growth of ANY kind for that matter. They are extremely permeable (penetrate into skin deeply) to do their job of treating your skin and Tea Tree oil will do just that - treat your skin condition, NOT cause hair growth. Essential oils are unlike other oils such as castor oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, etc. E/Os are very thin and are known as natural medicine. E/Os have been used as natural medicine and aromatherapy for centuries in many lands across the world. They have been used and still are used today, to treat many diseases, skin problems, hair and scalp issues, mental and emotional stress, etc. These E/Os are extremely therapeutic in nature.  

4.>>>Sunscreens containing Mexoryl Sx, Parsol and Eusolex are chemically-based, as these are all potentially irritating chemicals - NOT NATURAL. Yes, they can be effective sunscreens, however, they can be extremely irritating to skin causing other problems. These chemicals will penetrate into your skin. Also, up to 70% of everything you apply to your skin, can absorb through your pores into your blood stream. Zinc oxide-based sun blocks are, in my opinion and most skin care professionals' opinion, are much more effective at protecting skin skin from damaging UVA/UVB sun rays. This is because zinc oxide is going to COMPLETELY block the sun's damaging rays without penetrating into your skin. Also, zinc oxide is calming and soothing to the skin, as it is also used in diaper rash creams and will not cause irritation.

As for micronized titanium dioxide (made into super fine tiny particles), it is not as effective, because while micronizing the sun block ingredient DOES indeed reduce the appearance of the white hue left on skin, as with most sunblocks, there have been concerns that titanium dioxide can be a toxic ingredient to apply to skin. There is an article about this contained in the link below. Hope this all helps. If this HAS been a help to you, you're welcome to leave feedback. God bless you.


Here's the link to the article about titanium dioxide:

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QUESTION: Thank you so much for the time and help.. Really grateful to you..

Well, as you said" EpiCleanse Cloth (aka The Warsh Cloth)
*Anti Bacterial
*Great for acne treatment and acne prone skin...

1. So Is this cloth made up of some chemicals or natural medicines??
  as it removes make up, clears acne.. Really dont know how it actually works. My laptop is having some problem, so could not view the video of the cloth using process. So please, can you tell me how does it works..

2. Does this cloth vary according to the skin type?

Hi Marry. You're welcome. This microfiber cloth is not made up of any chemicals whatsoever. It is the way the cloth is woven and the material it is woven from.

According to Wikipedia , these microfiber cloths are 1/100th the diameter of a human hair and 1/20th the diameter of a strand of silk. These tiny fibers have the AMAZING ability to effectively absorb oil and dirt, while removing 99% of bacteria from the skin. These cloths are positively charged, due to the open spaces in the fibers, making negatively charged dirt attract to it like a magnet. They are also non-abrasive and gentle on all surfaces (including skin).

Microfiber cloths also dry much more quickly than cotton wash cloths, thereby reducing the build up of bacteria as well because of the lightweight woven nature of the microfiber cloth. As we all know Marry, bacteria love water. Remember, when cleansing with this type of cloth, be careful not to scrub too hard, as you will irritate your skin. Don't be deceived by how soft these cloths are, as they are powerful at cleansing as well as being gentle on the skin. Only light pressure is necessary. Hope this helps and Jesus (God) bless you.


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